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Joint project will see thousands of Kenyan schoolchildren have access to IT equipment

SCHOOL children in Kenya will have access to crucial IT equipment and improved education, thanks to a new project.

Online learning platform, GoodHabitz, is pledging to donate €1 for every online course completed to Computer Aid, a charity that provides high-quality IT equipment and education in the developing world.

Eindhoven-based GoodHabitz runs courses on a range of work-related topics, ranging from mindfulness to working from home, to employees of companies across Europe.

So far, in the first week of January, it has already raised €15,000 of its €100,000 goal.

The total fundraising amount will allow Computer Aid to provide up to 10 secondary schools around Kenya with 30 computers, complete with keyboards, monitors and mouses, as well as other equipment such as printers, headphones and projectors.

Members of its Kenya-based team will also deliver International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) training sessions to the school’s teachers, training them in basic IT skills such as Microsoft programmes and using the internet safely, to enhance their teaching to allow the students to benefit even more from the equipment.

Keith Sonnet CEO at Computer Aid International said the charity is hugely grateful for this partnership and admires GoodHabitz commitment and support.

He said: ‘Sometimes we take technology and internet access for granted, however the Covid19 crisis brought to light the enormous digital divide that still exists and our work at Computer Aid is now more relevant than ever, our aim through this program is to enhance the quality of learning, educational achievement, and future career paths for school children. Goodhabitz is proposing an innovative way to contribute in reducing the digital access inequalities and demonstrating the vital role of the private sector to achieve a more equal society.’

‘In some schools, there are around 3,000 students. For each €1 that GoodHabitz donates to the charity, it will provide a student with 20 hours of learning. We are hoping to provide each student with at least an hour of IT learning time every week.

‘Over the last year, we have already installed equipment in 10 schools in Kenya and some of the schools previously had only a blackboard to deliver teaching with. We’re very grateful for the donation from GoodHabitz and are looking forward to changing more young peoples’ lives and giving them the opportunity for success in the workplace.’

The charity will also provide the schools with copyright-free learning content in Swahlili that can be used both on and off-line, using content from local creators wherever possible.

Maarten Franken, CEO of GoodHabitz said: ‘It’s the mission of GoodHabitz to get everyone excited about learning. By taking a course, people will give someone else around the globe the possibility to learn and develop new skills as well. If that isn’t a good incentive to add ‘learning new skills’ to the top of your New Year’s resolution list, what is?! Together we make the world a better place.’

Kevin Lamers, global content marketing strategist at GoodHabitz said: ‘It’s really special and important for us that while people are learning here in Europe, they are allowing young people in Africa to learn. We’re really proud of the partnership we have created and encourage people to enroll in courses to help us reach our fundraising target.’

Since its launch in 1997, Computer Aid has already helped over 14.5 million people worldwide, enabling over 1 billion hours of learning.