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Yorkshire AI firm accelerates growth plans following largest ever contract win

Call360, a Yorkshire-based AI analytics firm, has secured its largest ever contract win with Dyno-Rod following a competitive tender process.

The contract covers the digital channels for the Dyno-Rod business, which provides plumbing and drains services to millions of households across the UK.

Dyno-Rod says the data Call360 collects will be used to improve customer service levels and improve the efficiency of their marketing spend, by highlighting their most and least successful media channels and key words for advertising.

The AI tracks incoming calls to Dyno-Rod in real time and is able to analyse 10,000 calls in just 0.2 seconds. The algorithms classify calls – as customer enquiries, bookings, customer complaints, or job applications – then reports on the outcome of every call.  Call360 says the algorithms are 97% accurate.

“Call360 lets us to attribute sales in real-time and understand any friction points in the user experience. The data enables us to make commercial decisions backed by the right insight, reducing risk and increasing revenue. Customer satisfaction is also improved through a deeper understanding of their journey and adapting our platform to deliver what our customers want. Not only does this work for both a national brand and customer but also helps our network understand their own local market,” said Alastair Donson, a spokesperson for Dyno-Rod.

In the last twelve months Automated Analytics Ltd, of which Call360 is a part, has created 10 jobs in technology, business development and sales and marketing at its Doncaster head office.  Following the recent £1.65 million of funding secured from Maven Equity Finance as part of the Northern Powerhouse Investment Funds, as well this Dyno-Rod long term contract, it says it has the backing to accelerate its growth plans and create a further 6 new jobs.

Mark Taylor, CEO and founder of Call360, said: “This is a major win for us and puts Yorkshire on the map as a hub for excellence in AI. We have been investing heavily in building out the teams across the business over the last year and with the security that this contract and recent Northern
Powerhouse funds bring we are on-course to triple the size of our Doncaster-based workforce within three years.”