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Technologies to Consider to Help Improve Your SEO

SEO is continuously evolving. New trends and technologies come out, which is why you must be on top of everything if you want to remain competitive. In addition, companies are always competing to get the top spot on search results ranking. It’s not a surprise because making it on the first page of the results give you more visibility. Users tend to check those that are on the first page. The lower your ranking is, the farther you will show on the search results, lowering your chance of being found. You miss the chance of getting organic traffic on your site and increasing conversions.

To help improve your SEO, here are technologies that you should consider for your strategies.


NLP or Natural Language Processing

Keywords are used in SEO to make your site and content searchable. When users look for a particular keyword, the search engine crawls the internet for sites that contain these keywords. Technology keeps on evolving, and so do the ones used in SEO. Moreover, search engines are more intelligent than before, as they now use NLP or natural language processing for determining which sites to include in the search results and their ranking. It understands the human language, so it knows the users’ intent. As a result, sites with relevant content rank high on these searches. Be sure that you do not just insert keywords in your content, but it should also be relevant to the information they are looking for.


A/B testing

Create two versions of your site that has different SEO content. Visitors are given a random version of the page, and you will see which works better. You can then make an informed decision on which to apply on the site. If your company is located in Oxford, an SEO Oxford agency like the one at can help with the SEO A/B testing of your site.


Automated content optimisation

You can use tools to automatically search for the information you need to create optimised content. For example, an application will list the top-ranking topics and pages on search results based on the keywords you enter to give you an idea of the best content to write. In addition, some tools generate content briefs to make it easier for you to build your content.


NLG or Natural Language Generation for content

SEO includes optimising the title, descriptions, and tags of your content. You don’t have to do it manually, as you can use a tool that automates it and uses natural language, so it sounds human-like as possible. It’s the same with generating a copy for your articles. Instead of writing the copies manually, you may also generate them using an app that uses natural language so they do not sound robotic. It frees your time, letting you focus on other SEO strategies that can help improve your ranking.


Voice search

Several mobile users use the internet regularly. Most of them use voice search when looking for something on the web. Consider this when creating your content. Search for the keywords that mobile users use when performing a voice search so you can also rank on these searches. For example, instead of searching Oxford SEO, users may use “where to find an SEO company in Oxford” for the voice search.

Always be on the lookout for the latest technology in SEO to ensure you do not get left behind. It can help improve your rankings and make your SEO campaigns more successful.