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Matterport Introduces Axis, a New Hands-Free Motor Mount for Precision 3D Capture for Smartphones 

Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced Matterport Axis™, a revolutionary motorised mount that works with a smartphone to capture 3D digital twins of any physical space with increased speed, precision, and consistency. This convenient, hands-free solution produces reliable high-fidelity results with just a click of a button. From homes to offices, hotels, rentals, retail locations, even a factory floor, Matterport Axis is the most affordable way to supercharge 3D capture using just the phone in your pocket. With Axis, the company aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the built world by making it effortless for anyone with a smartphone to digitise any kind of space with a new level of precision and ease of use.

Starting today, Matterport Axis is available with special pre-launch pricing of just $59, by securing a place on the Axis waitlist at The official launch date is April 1 when general availability pricing will start at $79. All waitlist sign-ups received by March 31 will qualify for pre-launch pricing, subject to terms and conditions. Matterport has also enlisted its premier e-commerce partners, Adorama and B&H, to bring Matterport Axis to market. The special pre-launch pricing will also be available at both of these websites starting today.

Customers across a variety of industries use Matterport to virtually measure, document, manage, and promote their properties online. Now, with Matterport Axis, organisations across the globe can scale up their efforts to affordably capture high-fidelity digital twins at multiple locations simultaneously. Distributed teams get reliable, consistent results from their smartphones, and Axis helps to ensure that every scan from every location achieves the same level of precision. Matterport Axis simplifies deployments across all industries including:

  • Retail and Hospitality. On-site employees can use Matterport Axis and the smartphone in their pocket to reliably capture a digital twin from every location across a chain of properties. This enables merchandising teams and facility managers to virtually inspect, plan, and manage multiple locations online, eliminating routine travel and on-site visits while rapidly increasing productivity.
  • Real Estate. Professionals, property managers, and vacation rental owners can now create digital twins with greater speed and ease with Axis’ affordable, hands-free 3D capture – to publish stunning virtual tours online in less than an hour.
  • Construction and Insurance. Builders and insurance adjusters can readily deploy multiple Axis units to the field to accurately scan and share detailed digital twins from any compatible smartphone, for every stage of the job. Enabling remote inspection, tracking, and management with contractors and building specialists anywhere in the world.


“At Matterport, our mission is to make every space more valuable and accessible, and with Matterport Axis, we’re excited to help our customers bring their properties online so that they can manage them anytime, anywhere,” said Japjit Tulsi, Chief Technology Officer of Matterport. “We have democratised 3D capture by making the Matterport Capture app available to billions of Android and iOS users. Combined with Matterport Axis, we’ve made it even simpler for individuals, small businesses, and large multi-property enterprises to quickly and reliably scale the digitisation of their properties at an affordable price.”

To learn more about Matterport Axis and sign up for the waitlist, visit:


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