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5 Growing Tech Jobs for Your Career Change

Technology is the way forwards. It permeates every aspect of our lives, and it keeps society ticking along. Careers in the industry are more important than ever, and evidence shows they’re increasingly in demand.

If you’ve grown tired of your workplace, or are in need of a new path forwards, retraining to work in IT could be your next step into an exciting industry.

But if you’re an industry newcomer, it’s hard to find your specialism – these are just five areas of the tech industry for you to consider when weighing up a career change.


  • Software Developer

The continued demand for mobile apps has meant that software developer jobs are aplenty right now.

If you’re an avid app aficionado who would love to get a peek behind the curtain, retraining as a software developer with a speciality in mobile apps could see you designing the next download sensation.


  • Data Scientist

Data is one of most valuable resources in the world, and this booming industry creates countless jobs every single week. Data science is a highly in-demand career path with extremely low supply, so once you qualify, you’ll have a whole host of avenues to venture down.

However, if you want to open up even more career opportunities, then consider taking your education further with a Data Science MSc. Distance learning universities such as Anglia Ruskin mean that you can study to advance your qualifications while you work, as their flexibility makes it easy to study on a schedule that suits you.


  • Cybersecurity

With nearly 70% of businesses expressing fear that they’re increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime, cybersecurity jobs are more needed than ever before.

In fact, with Covid-19 changing the way we work, and many companies favouring fully remote or hybrid arrangements, having a strong cybersecurity plan in place is essential.

Choosing to retrain for cybersecurity means that you can work in the intersecting pathways of technology and crime prevention – great if as a kid you always imagined yourself fighting crime!


  • Web Developer

When considering a career in web development, there are three paths that you can venture down.

Web designers create the look and feel of a site, whilst webmasters maintain them and web architects deal with the construction of a site.

These different pathways require different qualifications, so it’s worth researching what you need and which area you’d like to specialise in.


  • Machine Learning Engineer

For those with an interest in software engineering, why not consider training to be a machine learning engineer? This is one of the fastest growing jobs in the world, giving you the chance to design and build the type of artificial intelligence known as machine learning systems – these are systems that can learn by themselves without being programmed by humans.

Of course, if you watched a few too many sci-fi movies as a kid, you might want to steer clear of this one. But for those wanting a future proof career, this is the way forward!


Considering a new tech career? Share you plans in the comments below!