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Hitachi Vantara announces integrated scale-out data protection with Commvault HyperScale X™

There’s a lot of excitement around this week’s press release and blog from Hitachi Vantara. In case you missed it, the company is now offering its customers an integrated, scale-out data protection solution based on Commvault HyperScale X technology. Hitachi Vantara prides itself on guiding customers from what’s now to what’s next – and it’s clear that HyperScale X, delivered on industry-leading Hitachi hardware, is what’s next in the world of scale-out data protection.

This is the latest addition to a long history of collaboration and innovation between the two companies, both recognised as leaders in their respective industries by Gartner. The partnership has spanned over 17 years – with over 1,200 joint customers – and the HyperScale X release shows that there’s no sign of slowing down any time soon.

HyperScale X is a flagship product at Commvault, marrying an innovative scale-out architecture built on distributed storage with industry-leading data protection and management through Commvault’s Intelligent Data Services portfolio. The result is a purpose-built solution that modernises how customers manage their data – both on-premises and in the cloud. Some key features of HyperScale X include:

  • High performance backup and recovery with automatic load balancing that optimises efficiency and performance, and enhances recovery capabilities
  • Protection for modern workloads like containers, cloud-native IaaS/PaaS, and SaaS applications
  • Optimised scalability that supports single-node expansion, avoiding excess costs caused by overprovisioning
  • Cloud mobility to natively move workloads and data with policy-driven automation
  • Resiliency that can withstand multiple hardware failures and reduces downtime
  • Enhanced, multi-layered ransomware protection with advanced anomaly detection and immutable storage to ensure recoverability

Hitachi Vantara now brings HyperScale X to its data protection portfolio (as Commvault HyperScale X for Hitachi Data Protection Suite), delivering this modern scale-out architecture as an integrated, pre-built solution (built on Hitachi Advanced Server HA820 servers) shipped direct from its distribution centres. Customers will benefit from the accelerated time to value and the reliability and trusted service that Hitachi Vantara provides. This makes a simple deployment process even easier – and more predictable – and gives the solution an appliance-like quality while maintaining flexibility in how it can be scaled and maintained.

The company’s longtime partners are excited about the news, too. Kim King is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Partners & Alliances at Hitachi Vantara, and she offered her thoughts on the announcement:

“HyperScale X is an excellent fit into our data protection portfolio alongside other Commvault-integrated products like HCP for CloudScale and our award-winning VSP platform.”

“With a deep lineup of differentiated solutions like these,” she added, “we are extremely confident that we can solve our customers’ data management challenges and deliver them a solution that helps them not only protect their data but also utilise it to innovate and grow their business.”

A spokesman for Commvault added:

“We agree with Kim and our friends at Hitachi – this announcement about HyperScale X is definitely cause for celebration. For Hitachi Vantara customers, it’s an opportunity to innovate and grow their business with a modern data protection solution that combines the best from two industry leaders. And for us at Commvault, it’s a proud moment to be part of Hitachi’s “What’s Next,” enriching and deepening our fantastic partnership built on solving customer challenges through innovation.”


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