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Qualifio reflects on a successful year with over 170 million participants

Qualifio, the innovative Belgian technology scale-up, today announces that it has reached over 170 million participants for its services in 2021, an increase of  55.6% from 2021, for participants using the Qualifio Engage platform. Following a milestone year that saw Qualifio expand into 3 growing industries and launch its second product, Qualifio Loyalty, the business has also welcomed 26 new employees to its European headcount of 73 in total. The business is now targeting another strong year, with a higher focus on data collection and first- and zero- party data. 

Now operating with a total of 278 active customers, Qualifio has continued to develop a strong presence within 3 industries: Food & Beverage, Sports institutions & Media, and has expanded into the UK and DACH markets in 2021.

During another year of uncertainty – where the continued impacts of COVID-19 posed further challenges on businesses, Qualifio’s Engage platform enabled brands to continue interacting with a dispersed customer base that was limited to digital engagement.  The company now operates with a global client base. Qualifio has been ranked in Deloitte’s Technology Fast50 for 3 consecutive years, and is considered as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Belgium. 

Qualifio also launched its Marketing Calendar for 2022, featuring over 300 events that brands can utilise to plan upcoming marketing campaigns. The calendar includes traditional dates of interest such as Easter and Mother’s Day, as well as all major sporting events for 2022, and a wide range of lesser known dates.

With loyalty no longer just a purchase relationship, Qualifio has announced a number of new services, including its second product, Qualifio Loyalty. Fully integrated with its data collection platform, Qualifio Engage, Qualifio Loyalty allows brands to create a rewards based loyalty system for their audience. Importantly, Qualifio Loyalty also enables brands and media to segment customers by level, based on their interactions with a brand, promoting a long-lasting relationship that translates to engaged prospects and customers. Building and retaining customer trust and confidence has always been the company’s number one focus, something that has never been more important than in the last two years. 

In 2022, Qualifio aims to continue development of both its Engage and Loyalty products, increasing the feature set to create new sources, triggers, mechanics, reporting and integrations for Qualifio Loyalty, while strengthening the product core value proposition and reinforcing the integration scope for Qualifio Engage.

Commenting on Qualifio’s growing and successful client portfolio, Quentin Paquot, CEO of Qualifio, said, “Despite the lasting effects of COVID-19 and Brexit implications, we continue to grow and nurture our business and come through stronger than ever.

“No doubt, 2022 marks an opportunity for all businesses to continue their path towards zero and first-party data collection through the means of interactive engagement. Companies that have overcome the last 18 months are now thriving by being able to adapt quickly, operate remotely where needed and taking advantage of new market needs.

“We believe that Loyalty is no longer just a purchase relationship, therefore this year our aim will be to continue our UK expansion, nurture and grow our current client base here while encouraging the benefits of quality interactive content, alongside our Loyalty services.”

Moving into 2022, Qualifio expects the trend of brands using interactive marketing to feed their first- and zero-party data strategies to continue and to grow, as consumers are increasingly privacy-aware and demanding of their relationships with brands.