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SAP and BearingPoint partner on the race to emission zero

SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) and the management and technology consultancy BearingPoint today announced they will join forces on carbon and environmental footprint solutions. The companies will collaborate to advance the design and development of a leading-edge solution for customers to help them reach zero emissions.

Measuring, managing, and steering carbon footprints is a key element of reaching zero emissions and part of the climate action program promoted by SAP. Companies are under increasing pressure to determine their carbon footprint not only on a corporate level but also on a product level. However, the data acquisition, consolidation and mapping are challenges that many companies face. Together with the recent launch of the SAP® Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises solution, SAP solutions for sustainability, and BearingPoint’s long-standing experience with emission calculations in the market, the companies are well equipped to develop innovative solutions to address customer concerns about environmental footprinting across their value chain.

Gunther Rothermel, SVP, Head of SAP S/4HANA Sustainability, SAP, said:

“The co-development partnership between SAP and BearingPoint will bring together two strong value propositions. BearingPoint has long experience helping customers identify carbon reduction potentials and achieve sustainability targets. SAP contributes innovation capabilities, broad system landscape, and reach to customers. Together as partners we will push the limits to move the economy forward on the path to zero emissions.” 

Stuart Higgins, UK Partner, said:

“There is no doubt that our clients understand the importance of being able to measure and manage their carbon footprint, but with the zero emissions deadline fast approaching, organisations will be reliant on rapidly developing their reporting capability. By Partnering with SAP, BearingPoint can provide a unique solution for the market to measure and optimise the climate impact of products across the entire life cycle, supporting our clients’ ambitions in reaching their emissions targets. At BearingPoint we believe that together with SAP’s innovative solutions, depth in commercial processes, and market expertise we can make a positive impact to the climate change imperative.”

Carbon Footprinting for the Entire Value Chain: Scope 1, 2 and 3

While many companies have already assessed their scope 1, and scope 2 emissions, assessing the entire value chain by introducing scope 3 emissions is key. To do so environmental networks must support data exchange with partners like suppliers, clients, auditors and governments even if they use different IT systems.

Building on BearingPoint’s in-depth know-how in product and corporate footprint calculations and algorithms, the SAP Product Footprint Management solution supports data gathering and calculations to help realize end-to-end carbon and environmental footprinting. The SAP solution is fully integrated with SAP® S/4HANA and the intelligent enterprise architecture, but also connects with other data sources. This enables it to perform automated assessments of footprints across the value chain, even in heterogenous system landscapes.

Peter Maier, President, Industries and Customer Advisory, SAP, concluded:

“The partnership with BearingPoint accelerates the SAP Product Footprint Management solution road map and will help make us a market leader in product footprint solutions that support our customers in maximizing the sustainability of their products and services.”