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Glasswall Partners with Silxo to Deliver a Cybersecurity Crisis Prevention Service

Glasswall, a global leader in content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology, has announced that it has partnered with Silxo, a full-service consultancy specialising in digital and business transformation services in highly regulated industries, to deliver a cybersecurity crisis prevention service and solutions portfolio. The partnership will help organisations stay safe by minimising the chances that a cybersecurity attack will compromise network defences or exploit user errors. And, in the case of a cyberattack, they provide a crisis response and recovery solution that helps organisations move from crisis response to business-as-usual quickly and efficiently. 

Silxo is a technology services company that specialises in supporting businesses to achieve accelerated growth and success. Its portfolio includes crisis management services and solutions that have enabled organisations around the world to address, mitigate, and recover from a wide range of major cybersecurity incidents. Key to achieving a successful outcome is the way Silxo initially responds to a crisis. With clearly identified team roles and a formal incident assessment team and process in place from the outset, it creates focused incident action plans and communicates with stakeholders swiftly.

Glasswall CDR platform offers proactive protection from file-based threats. In contrast to detection-based security, such as antivirus and sandboxing that must play catch up with new threats, Glasswall CDR platform instantly cleans and rebuilds every file to match its ‘known good’ industry specification – automatically removing potential threats. This simple approach ensures every document entering the organisation is safe, without sacrificing productivity.

Silxo and Glasswall have combined to deliver a cybersecurity crisis response service and solutions portfolio. Bringing years of technical insight and product development, they enable cybercrime victims to mitigate the impact of an attack, repair the damage to their systems and data, and quickly return to business-as-usual. Implementing Glasswall CDR means organisations can confidently remove malware from every file and document on their on-premises or cloud-based networks.

“We are always on the lookout for ways to help organisations stay safe from cyberattacks. Once we discovered Glasswall’s CDR products and saw how they enable our customers to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity by addressing file-based threats, we knew we had to partner with their expert team,” said Marc Silvester, CEO & Founder at Silxo.

“Silxo’s team of experienced professionals along with their record of success across a diverse range of technology environments and crisis scenarios made them an optimal partner for Glasswall,” said Danny Lopez, CEO, Glasswall. “With file-based threats continuing to impact business and government entities everywhere, we’re looking forward to providing organisations with the tools to stay safe and prepare for cybersecurity crises without solely relying on their employees.”

To learn more about the Glasswall and Silxo partnership, visit Glasswall’s website here.