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1024 Ways To Win Slots To Play

Slot and bingo no deposit bonus enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new ways to win on their favourite slot machines. This traditionally meant playing more pay lines to open more winning combos but this came with a downside.

Each new line you’d open would cost you more coins. So the more you potentially wanted to win, the more you’d have to spend to earn it.

There has come a brand new concept that has flipped the previous one on its head. Popularly known as ‘all was’ games, these new slot machines require you to pay one flat price to gain access to every possible winning combination on the pay reels.

Not only will this increase your winning chances, you can do this affordably. You will also discover that 1024 ways games are the most exciting ones to play in their genre.

How to Play 1024 Ways Slots

1024 ways to win games are fairly easy and they follow nearly all the standard rules and regulations of slot machines. The aim is to match the symbols consecutively across the reels from left to the right. These games always feature 5 reels. You need to match 5 symbols in a row and you will be eligible for the prize but you can increase your winnings with longer combinations.

There are also special features like scatter and wild symbols, free spins, bonus rounds etc which you can employ to spice up your gaming experience.

What makes 1024 ways to win slots different from traditional slot games?

The only possible answer to this one liner is the pay line. In a 1024 slot machine there is no mention of a pay line. You will get access to every combination on the slot, regardless of where your match appears on the reel. You have to pay one flat price to get access to all combinations of wins.

This, however, doesn’t mean that every player has to pay the same amount to play. Coin denominations and the number of coins played are still different but they only impact the stakes you are playing for not the number of lines you are playing.

The number of ways in this format only gives you insight into how many pay lines are effective while you are playing them. Each of the 5 reels you play has 4 symbol positions. Since you have opted for all positions to work, the number of pay lines on the game is equivalent to 4x4x4x4x4=1024.

Final Word

1024 ways to win slots are fun to play. This new genre of slot games has all the excitement punters look for. There is a bright chance for you to win big at these machines. Not only do these betting adventures increase your chances of winning on each spin but it also enables the gambler to do it under affordable means. Without a hint of doubt, these are by far the most popular games in the genre of online casino games.