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Pole Star Launches New Defense Line Of Business Focused On Government Maritime Intelligence

Leader in maritime intelligence, Pole Star Space Applications Limited “Pole Star”, establishes the Pole Star Defense division to drive its mission-critical US government operations program. With this new organization comes the launch of a new website ( and the move of its US-based headquarters to St. Petersburg, Florida’s newly launched Maritime and Defense Technology Hub.

Pole Star Defense will focus on turning complex high-fidelity geospatial data into accessible insight for critical government maritime surveillance, safety, regulatory conformance, and sanction and sustainability screening operations. Building on the immense amount of work that has already been completed by Pole Star to modernize and deploy the US Coast Guard operations into the secure AWS GovCloud, this new subsidiary of the company will move to build customizable, secure, and scalable solutions on FedRAMP authorized GOV-cloud infrastructure to enable time-critical decisions and mitigate risk across all facets of maritime activity – from the real-time monitoring of territorial waters, to in-depth vessel investigations, the securing of maritime domains, maritime safety, and more.

The placement of the Pole Star Defense headquarters, as well as its continuously operational US National Data Center, in St. Petersburg’s new Innovation District places the company in a unique environment, neighboured by other members of the military, national security, and defense industries, including the US Coast Guard station. The facility will bring about collaboration between private industry, government, education, and nonprofits to accelerate technologies and innovation in the maritime technology space.

The new Pole Star Defense website has been launched to support the new organization and government solutions. The website highlights the core functionality and direction of the new division, showcasing its market-leading vessel and risk intelligence solutions, and enabling users to explore Pole Star Defense updates and activities, meet the defense team, and contact the industry experts directly.

“The launch of Pole Star Defense marks an exciting new chapter for our work within the government and defense space,” says Pole Star’s CEO, Julian Longson. “Enabled by our private equity investment from Wavecrest Growth Partners and Abry Partners earlier this year, this move, alongside our expertise and gold standard team, places us in the distinct position to expand our maritime surveillance services and advance our custom solutions. I’m immensely proud to say that we’ve transformed from a vessel tracking company into a truly disruptive mission-critical technology and intelligence provider, and this is the next step in that direction. We’re looking forward to what the future holds for Pole Star Defense.”

Pole Star Defense President, Ben Minichino, says “Our clients, including law enforcement  and defense agencies, maritime authorities, and more, demand the highest level of corporate governance, security, customer support, financial robustness, service infrastructure availability, and technical vision, which Pole Star Defense delivers. Our best-in-class solutions meet the most rigorous, ever-changing maritime defense requirements, and our longstanding expertise and close working relationships with those in government businesses have enabled us to position ourselves here, at the center of Defense, but the best is yet to come, so watch this space.” 

About Pole Star Defense 

At Pole Star Defense, we develop and implement pioneering maritime intelligence technologies to protect our customers’ vessels, people, maritime domain, and reputation. 

Our customizable, secure, and scalable solutions are designed to enable time-critical decisions and mitigate risk across all facets of maritime activity – from the monitoring of territorial waters, to in-depth vessel investigations, SOLAS, and everything in-between.