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5 Industries That Have Discovered The Power Of Link Building In 2022

Healthcare, real estate, home maintenance services, casino gaming, and many more sectors now have one thing in common. They all have gone digital. Yes, these services are now available online and own distinct websites and apps serving their target market. SEO has played a vital role in establishing their online presence and it continues to empower them further. Link building has risen as an undeniably crucial part of it all. Want to find out how several industries are making the most of it right now? Let’s dig in:


1. Healthcare And Medical Practices

Do you have any idea how many dentists, physicians, and pediatricians are currently using websites and mobile apps? The answer is plenty and the numbers keep on mounting. Ever since the advent of telehealth and digitized medical records, the healthcare sector has benefited the most out of search engine optimization and link building. It gives more authority to medical websites to be able to link to highly reputable web pages across the internet which builds more trust among their visitors.


2. Home Repair And Renovation Services

This sector has benefited largely from local links and highly localized SEO solutions. These businesses have grown tremendously over the past couple of years and it should be quite evident if you perform a local search on the internet. You will be able to locate a locally available business that is not just close to your house but also readily available for any kind of services that you seek whether it is electrical, plumbing, or carpentry.


3. Online Gaming Enterprises

Online gaming enterprises that do not have any brick and mortar stores, to begin with, have gained a lot of traction with their target market. They can make their games and online consoles marketable with both inbound and outbound strategies. Link building for casino games, for instance, has benefited a lot of gaming platforms by giving them a higher degree of exposure. It has made it possible for these businesses to attract potential long-term players to their platform from practically all walks of life.


4. Restaurants And Eating Joints

Restaurants and eating joints have been struggling to gain the attention of their customers ever since the competition increased post the pandemic. A complete SEO campaign and a well-defined link-building strategy have given various restaurants a new lease of life. It has enabled them to compete with the already existing formidable brands in the market.


5. Real Estate Business

As per the experts at Outreach Monks, real estate was one of the last sectors to come online. Just like any apparel or accessory that you would buy on the internet, you can also look for new homes, condos, and apartments online. SEO strategies comprising link building and incorporation of local keywords have benefited real estate agents as well as companies at the same time, increasing their profits by up to 38%.


Grow With Links  

It is time to grow your business further with valuable links and several other SEO practices. This could be a game-changer for your business. Remember, if you’re not available to your customers on the go, you’re invisible to them.