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Why Athletes are Becoming more Relevant in Tech news

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The use of technology in sport has evolved impressively throughout the modern era, shaping the way audiences interact with teams and players. Technology has even altered sports itself.

Despite technology being present at all times in sports, most people cannot see this application. Therefore, we have separated some practical examples of the technology in such a vast environment.

At Soccer

This is one of the modalities that most apply technology and features in their daily lives. In a football game, for example, where the field is large and the visibility is not so good for the players and for the referee, it is difficult for the referee to see if the ball really crossed the goal line, to confirm that the score was made.

So that there were no more mistakes in this regard, the technology of the “Hawk-eye” was developed and implemented. Also known as a chipped ball, this system is composed of a camera and a computer that can trace the trajectory of the ball.

The chip installed in the ball has a connection with the watch that is on the referee’s wrist, who receives all the information after the ball crosses the goal line, so he can be sure that it was really a goal. With that, there will be no mistakes as to what if a team has scored or not.

Another very notorious technology during football games, which was severely discussed among technology news and football fans when implemented, is the video referee.

The referee has a screen on the side of the field that will show on video the exact moment of a foul that raised doubts in the referee. Thus, he can check in great detail whether that moment really triggered a foul or not, avoiding undue and unfair charges during the match.

Before arriving at the game, the football training process also uses several technological elements. There are sensors in the boots and uniforms, cameras scattered around monitoring performance, among others that provide real-time performance statistics for a personalized and complete report.


In addition to the swimsuits used by swimmers, which help to overcome records and promote better performance, the tests are fully monitored by technological equipment that provides assertive results for the referees and also during training.

Customized cameras installed at the bottom of the pool and monitors show in detail all the athletes’ swimming movements, serving to freeze the image and analyze each swimmer’s stroke and leg kick. For synchronized swimming, an audio feature allows them to hear all the music while doing underwater movements, helping with training and performance during competitions.


Clothes and shoes with appropriate technology are undoubtedly one of the technological highlights of this modality. The clothes are made of polyurethane, ensuring lightness, practicality, and rapid sweat absorption during practice.

Another smart tool in the pieces that are used among technology news today, called Hydrology, is able to absorb and manage the amount of sweat, ensuring that it doesn’t compromise athletes’ attention and performance during games.

Another advance that helps in athletics is located in the starting block of the race, where the athlete supports his feet to start the course. It is composed of signaling devices and timer triggering, which allows knowing if the runner started running before the signal or not.

Why Are Athletes Appearing More in Tech News?

The sports universe is quite complex, always involving techniques and strategies for driving the best performance from athletes.

Over the years, new methods, accessories and objects began to be developed and incorporated into the routines of athletes, both in order to provide greater comfort but also to explore where performance improvements can be made to help sportsmen be the best they can be. In this sense, technology has been increasingly allied to sports practices.

The new technologies used in clothing, footwear, and wearables are all part of modern life – and sports technologies in 2022 take this essential data to highlight where performance can be improved.  This gives the modern coach new tools to drive decision-making – based on secure data from real-time performance.

The upshot of modern data gathering enables not only the manager but also the athlete to understand how well they are doing, in areas such as:

  • performance peaks
  • weaknesses
  • strengths
  • incorrect movements
  • muscle fatigue

For all this to work, companies that produce various sports equipment have set up real research and testing centers to develop and improve innovations in this sector. Regardless of the sport, all these innovations aim to improve the athlete’s performance, increasing their safety during practice and providing greater comfort during activities.