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ActiveOps Insights and Innovation Lab delivers ground-breaking research to change the future of workforce optimisation 

The exciting, cutting-edge lab and experiments are set to rewrite the future of business operations by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into real-time operational data analysis.

ActiveOps PLC, the leading provider of management process automation solutions, has announced the first output from its pioneering Insight and Innovations Lab. The lab has produced an algorithm that paves the way for true management process automation (MPA) by automating the way companies understand tasks and activities.

The purpose of the Insight and Innovations Lab is to develop new MPA opportunities that will enable enterprise-level organisations to supercharge their operations. In this way, MPA allows organisational leaders to eliminate time-consuming data gathering and analysis, enabling them to focus on managing teams and deliver greater productivity and performance than ever before.

ActiveOps established the Insights and Innovation Lab through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Henley Business School and Innovate UK, ‘Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, part of UK Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK government. The work at the lab involves designing experiments and prototypes that analyse operations trends to challenge assumptions and find new ways of understanding operations, making it easier for operations managers to make decisions and take action. The research will contribute to improving technology that will boost employee productivity – such as the new prototype that has been developed to help organisations easily identify standard times of core tasks.

Thanks to the innovative new algorithm the lab has created, ActiveOps customers will soon be able to establish standards for core work more effectively, so that they can forecast and plan with greater confidence, leading to even better results. Stuart Pugh, Chief Customer Officer, said, “Our first results from the lab are extremely exciting. Operations management is complex and, in turn, carries the bulk of the costs in a business. This new algorithm will eliminate the need for older time and motions studies, meaning our customers will establish the standards needed for core work more effectively. It will also mean that team leaders will have forecasting, planning, and even automation data. Only ActiveOps has the relationships, technology, and data to create these opportunities for enterprises to lead the future of operations.”

ActiveOps is testing the prototype algorithm with a view to incorporating AI and ML into its software, enabling real-time analysis of operations data. Ian Carter, ActiveOps’ Product Director for ControliQ, said, “This is a really exciting development that will help improve the decisions managers make. Building this algorithm into our Workware+ suite of solutions means we can take data from many different places to get a complete view of the time it normally takes for people to complete an activity”

Richard Jeffery, CEO and Founder of ActiveOps, said, “The work from the lab will address the demand we’re seeing for real-world AI analysis in business productivity. We are delighted to have had this opportunity to bring together a team of experts on this journey, helping us to continue to identify new efficiencies for our customers.”

If you would like to learn more about the Insight and Innovation Lab and the latest developments from ActiveOps, get in touch here.

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