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Western users cautioned against using Russian antivirus software

Cybersecurity agencies around the world have recently issued warnings to organisations against using antivirus software developed in Russia, over fears it could be exploited for cyber-espionage or launching cyberattacks amid Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

The warnings alerted users that the Russian government could pressure Moscow-based Kaspersky to perform cyberattacks.

Companies must be made aware of potential issues like those with Kaspersky. BlackBerry has therefore published a blog, Ukraine Proves Cyber War Has No Borders , outlining the necessity for companies to check their security stacks now, to mitigate any potential problems.

Dan Ballmer, Cybersecurity Specialist at BlackBerry, says:

“From a cybersecurity perspective, the current circumstances in Ukraine favour unscrupulous actors while placing legitimate organisations and citizens at a severe disadvantage. The global, digital space is not a place of hard boundaries or easily verifiable national identities, and Russia hosts many capable and historically active cyber threat groups.  

“This puts every organisation, everywhere, at an increased risk of cyberattack.

“Many organisations may be wondering if their legacy AV solutions are trustworthy and able to protect them against modern or nation-state attacks. They may be further concerned that replacing their current cybersecurity toolset will temporarily expose them to increased risks or disrupt operations. Addressing these concerns, we would recommend that companies seek an effective, simple, and harmonious cybersecurity replacement that can gradually be phased in with their current technology.”