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Turing – Tech’s Latest Unicorn – has been named among the top startup employers by Forbes. 

Turing – Tech’s Latest Unicorn – has been named among the top startup employers by Forbes.

Earlier this year, Turing launched their community focused on supporting the careers of global software developers. With over 1 million developers signed up on Turing, the creation of a career-centric developer community will further strengthen their mission to help solve the challenges faced by software developers globally and unleash untapped human potential.

“The Turing experience goes beyond a simple job search,” shares Jonathan Siddharth, the CEO & Founder of Turing. “We aim to serve as true partners to the developers we work with and equip them with the tools necessary to experience personal and professional breakthroughs. With our diverse range of offerings, and now the Turing Community, we will walk hand in hand with developers as they walk the path to success.”

On March 21-24, in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Turing Community is hosting a global event aimed at celebrating and uplifting female voices, supporting their professional growth, and providing resources for women in tech to find career success alongside work-life balance. Notable event panelists will include Janet Kramer, Field CTO and Strategic Account Executive at Microsoft, Nimisha Kumari, Cloud Product Manager at Citrix, and Heidi Buffington, Director of Telco, Media and Entertainment at Google Cloud.

The Turing community is also partnering with industry leaders, specifically female influencers and leading tech voices, such as Anubha Maneshwar, Founder of GirlScript Foundation, to support the message of empowerment for women in software development. Maneshwar will lead the Diversity, inclusion and Equality session.

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