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News from Wales: FREE Cloud Academy launched by Swansea firm

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A free academy to retrain people from all lines of work in cloud technology is being launched to overcome underrepresentation in the tech sector.

News from wales

Mobilise, a leading cloud consultancy and partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, is behind the new 12-week training programme which will see candidates qualify as a certified solutions architect, supported by the firm’s certified Cloud Architects.

Mobilise, one of only nine AWS-approved providers in the UK and whose clients have included the DVLA and Ministry of Justice, chose to launch the Cloud Academy after recognising the continued barriers to entry for people from a range of different backgrounds.

This is despite the sector attracting salaries of £37,500 for junior architects on average rising to £70,000 on average for senior roles and £60,000 for DevOps engineers.

Adam Davies, Head of Cloud at Mobilise said: “Cloud computing has transformed the world as we know it – everything from Netflix to Instagram is powered by the cloud. And with the metaverse on the brink of making it mainstream it will help to redefine how we experience the digital world into the future. But cloud technology can only continue to enable ground-breaking developments and solve new world challenges if we welcome new perspectives.

“Recent research shows that we still have a long way to go before our sector’s workforce is truly representative of the end users we’re serving, with just 26% of tech roles occupied by women and 15.2% by people from black, Asian, or minority ethnic backgrounds.1

“Our career path is often a product of where we grew up, what our parents did, who our friends are and what we see in the media. These can be barriers to careers like cloud computing which perhaps are not as visible as other careers.

“If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s to be open to new experiences. Perhaps your sister is an administrative assistant looking for the next move. Or your son is a history student with the world at his feet. Maybe you’re a gym instructor looking to raise your game. While anyone with basic cloud knowledge or experience is welcomed, all we really need from candidates is the willingness to learn.

“Firms like ours need to make it as easy as possible for people to transition to a career in cloud technology. Our Cloud Academy will provide free training and allow people to explore a new and dynamic career path with no-end of opportunities for fulfilment and progression.”

Mobilise’s Cloud Academy is also inspired by a number of its trainees who were recently recruited from outside of the traditional cloud career path and who are now lined up to be mentors of the new programme.

Bristol-born Jamie Emery, a 27-year-old ex-fashion executive who now works at Mobilise as a DevOps engineer will be one of the programmes mentors. He says: “I’d completed my degree and decided to take a year out to go travelling. When I came back I decided to do something different and started working in fashion as a wholesale account manager. But while the industry itself was creative I didn’t feel like my role allowed me to harness my own creativity.

Cloud computing is a surprisingly creative area. Of course, you need to learn the basics, but after that there are literally hundreds of challenges that you can help firms overcome so it’s about applying your knowledge and expertise to different industries. Your work is so open ended and has the potential to be applied to any firm that requires technology.

“Plus there are so many different roles and career pathways within cloud computing itself. I really want to develop into a role where I’m very customer-facing, but other roles exist where you don’t have to deal with people every day. And because you’re working at the forefront of technology, there are constant opportunities for training and career development. It’s definitely not a dead-end job. Plus, the flexibility of hybrid working, competitive salary and job security should be significant draws for anyone looking for a career switch.

“I only started my training six months ago and I’m already able to give knowledge back to new recruits, so it just goes to show how quickly you can get up to speed.”

Mobilise’s Cloud Academy will run across 12 weeks with an average of 10 hours per week training, followed by a final assessment and candidates may have an opportunity to be considered for a permanent role.

Mobilise are specialists in enabling organisations to benefit from cloud computing, from architecture design through to data and AI services. Mobilise uses its capabilities and partnerships to support the delivery of a range of services to enterprises and government organisations and will be launching additional initiatives in the future focussed on data and AI.

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