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Micro Focus Opens Public Cloud Data Center in the UK

Micro Focus has announced the opening of a new public cloud data center in the UK. The data center provides improved availability, security, and data sovereignty to UK customers, while reinforcing Micro Focus’ commitment to on-demand, as-a-service capabilities and flexibility of choice.

“As a company, we felt as though it was important to provide customers with an alternative public zone for their data to reside, outside of the EU but still within Western Europe,” said Ian Simmons, VP & GM UKI, Micro Focus. “We have supplemented our public cloud offerings to ensure our customers’ needs are met and in addition to our cloud data center in Frankfurt. This UK data center reaffirms Micro Focus’ commitment to investing in the region.”

The launch of the new public cloud data center aligns with Micro Focus’ ongoing strategy to move away from private data centre business. Working more closely with public cloud providers enhances availability, scalability, and breadth of services for Micro Focus customers. Additionally, with support from its CyberRes division, all of the company’s worldwide data centers are protected with the most advanced security standards. All of Micro Focus’ SaaS services are certified under ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

Simmons continues: “For Micro Focus, our strength comes from giving our customers choice and flexibility. By choosing public cloud, we not only give customers that freedom, but we also let the hyperscalers play to their strengths, ensuring that our customers are always receiving best of breed service and solutions.”

The public cloud data center is immediately available to all Micro Focus customers.