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Zizo and Intellegens Partner to Combine Data and Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities

Technology businesses join forces to combine award-winning data engineering capabilities with ground-breaking Applied Machine Learning  

Zizo, a provider of big data and edge analytics, and Intellegens, an industry expert in applied machine learning (ML), has announced the news of its partnership to help businesses extract more value from their data through advanced data management and analytics. 

The two companies recognised the potential to provide enhanced support to customers on their data journey, after working together on a successful project with British American Tobacco R&D, spear-headed by Allen Griffiths, Head of MRTP sciences and the Cambridge Wireless Accelerator programme. 

Originating from the University of Cambridge, Intellegens applies advanced deep learning technologies to accelerate innovation across a wide range of sectors, from materials and chemicals, to manufacturing and beyond. Through its Alchemite™ software, Intellegens enables businesses to extract value from real-world, sparse, noisy experimental and process data, where conventional machine learning methods often fail. 

With Zizo’s edge database and data engineering capabilities, organisations can easily access and identify their most valuable data and become truly data driven by getting the data in the right shape for complex analysis to be conducted – such as the application of Intellegens’ ML capabilities. In addition, Zizo’s new entry in the edge analytics space paves the way for a collaboration to deliver both data management and applied machine learning, even in low bandwidth or ‘air gapped’ environments, such as manufacturing and aerospace.

Both companies have been recognised by the UK’s Digital Catapult, with Zizo taking part in the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator programme in 2021 and Intellegens selected as one of the ones to watch in Cleantech in 2022 and participating in the current Build UK-India programme. 

The combination of the two collaborative technologies will enable customers to overcome the common hurdles faced when identifying value from masses of information. Zizo supports data wrangling, collection and accessibility, improving the curation and collation of any data set, while Intellegens’ technology can then find and apply subtle relationships within this data.

With both companies on an upwards trajectory and establishing themselves as leaders in their respective fields, they are taking a consultative approach to integrate their software capabilities and combine key aspects of digital transformation, data management and applied machine learning – enabling faster, better and quicker business outcomes, whatever the sector or data applied.

Intellegens CEO, Ben Pellegrini, comments: “We help businesses to wring every drop of value from their data. To really make the most of our advanced machine learning, these clients need to collect and collate as much of that data as possible, ready for analysis. We had great success collaborating with Zizo to enable this process in a recent project and we look forward to working together to apply our complementary tools to new applications.”  

Peter Ruffley, CEO, Zizo concludes: “We are delighted to be working closely with the team at Intellegens to merge the leading analytical capabilities at Zizo with its outstanding offerings in the AI and machine learning space. Since partnering over six months ago, our combined expertise has led to an incredibly successful project with our client British American Tobacco, and we are thrilled that we are able to continue working with Intellegens to provide big, meaningful data in real-world applications.”