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Matterport Axis Now Available for Purchase, Enabling Hands-Free Precision 3D Capture for Smartphones

Designed for the Matterport Smartphone Capture app, Matterport Axis motorised mount makes digital twin creation easier, faster, and more precise 

Top 4 US-based insurance claims adjusting firm, Eberl, improves claims cycle time by 15 percent, grows customer base by 200 percent with Matterport digital twins 

Matterport, Inc., the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, today announced that Matterport Axis™, a motorised mount for smartphones, is now available for purchase. Matterport Axis, which holds either an iOS or Android device, and can be used with the Matterport Capture app, creates 3D digital twins of any physical space with increased speed, precision, and consistency. This convenient, remote-controlled solution produces reliable results with ease. 

Starting at $79, Matterport Axis is now available for purchase today through Matterport,  Adorama, B&H, and Amazon

“We are excited to introduce Matterport Axis, which when combined with our Capture app, allows anyone to create a 3D digital twin with the phone in their pocket,” said Japjit Tulsi, Chief Technology Officer of Matterport. “Whether it’s creating a digital twin to help sell your home, capturing your work environment to collaborate with team members, or capturing and sharing your business to attract new customers, there are countless uses for people and businesses to use Matterport. Our Capture app along with Matterport Axis now makes that process easier and faster for anyone to digitise their spaces with greater precision.”

Businesses embrace smartphone capture with Matterport Axis 

Business customers across a variety of industries use Matterport to virtually promote, operate, document, manage, and measure their properties online. Now, with Matterport Axis, organisations can scale up their efforts to affordably create high-fidelity digital twins at multiple locations simultaneously via employees and their smartphones. 

Matterport worked with multiple organisations with distributed field personnel to trial Matterport Axis together with the Capture app. One customer, Eberl, a top 4 U.S.-based insurance claims adjusting firm, used Matterport Axis to create digital twins to document insurance claims. By using Matterport Axis with the Capture app and other Matterport solutions, Eberl adjusters reduced their time spent in the field, improving its total claims cycle time by 15 percent, and increased new customer acquisition by 200 percent with the convenience of their smartphone. 

“Using Matterport, Eberl adjusters can easily access rich, visual data and precise measurements that reduce the need for return trips, reinspection requests, phone calls and follow-up emails,” said Chris Cowan, Vice President, Operational Strategy at Eberl. “Digital twins have helped our adjusters work smarter, and their agility enhances the experience of our clients and subsequent policyholders. When we outline the value of digital twins to new and existing insurance carriers, they are eager to engage and adopt, which has had a tremendous impact on the growth of our business.”

Real Estate partner Avail sees Matterport Axis as transformative for landlord clients 

Matterport partner Avail, part of the network, is an end-to-end Rental Management Platform for independent Landlords that provides best-in-class tools, and educational content to help landlords optimise their marketing and streamline their operations. They understand the wide range of challenges landlords face, which includes finding affordable ways to make their listings stand out and to get in front of tenants everywhere.

Avail saw value in partnering with Matterport to bring Matterport Axis and the Matterport Capture app to their users. Avail participated in the pre-launch trial where Avail landlords used Matterport Axis to successfully create digital twins of their properties.

“We are excited to give our landlords an easy and accessible way to create professional-quality 3D virtual experiences by using Matterport Axis and their Matterport Capture app,” said Ryan Coon, CEO / Co-Founder, Avail. “The ability to view properties virtually is increasingly important in the rental market and can lead to more eyes on listings, less vacancy time, and even more homes being rented out virtually, sight unseen. We were eager to participate in the Matterport Axis pre-launch trial, giving our landlords the resources to create their own 3D virtual experiences and it was great to see such positive adoption.”

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