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Cloudways Announces New Cloudflare Enterprise Integration, Bringing Enhanced Security to All Users

Adding high-grade protection to its class-leading managed hosting solution, Cloudways has announced a native Cloudflare integration at the CloudFest 2022 conference. (

Following the impending rollout, Cloudways users will no longer need to arrange and configure business-tier CDN fallbacks separately. Instead, they’ll have baked-in access to Cloudflare Enterprise features — independently priced at $200 per month or above — at no extra cost, being able to simply toggle them within the Cloudways dashboard like core service elements.

Budgeting has always been a key concern for entrepreneurs and small business owners, leading to the widespread use of Cloudflare’s free tier. This update thus stands to upend the web development industry, raising the standard of a basic business website through huge security improvements (including DDoS protection) and major performance upgrades.

Cloudways and Cloudflare: a natural combination

The decision to forge this partnership was motivated by a shared commitment to website quality and product development. Both Cloudways and Cloudflare seek to make websites stronger, with the former reducing the complexity of running a website and the latter reducing the challenge of maintaining it — and they both continue to improve at a rapid clip.

Due to this, pairing the services through the Cloudways front end will empower business owners to reach new levels of quality without changing their levels of investment. At the same time, digital agencies running websites on behalf of clients will benefit even more strongly, saving huge sums of money while bolstering website quality across the board. Their customers will enjoy superior Core Web Vitals, stronger rankings, and hugely-lower risks.

Santi Costa, Chief Marketing Officer at Cloudways, issued the following statement:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to launch our partnership with Cloudflare. We’ve long respected the innovation, reach and performance of the Cloudflare platform, and this native integration will allow Cloudways customers to enjoy those strengths at no extra cost. We can’t wait to see what agencies, developers, SEOs and business owners will achieve with this enhanced foundation.”

In short, anyone interested in setting up a business-grade website stands to get stronger results with lower costs by investing in the Cloudways/Cloudflare pairing. And with further platform improvements sure to arrive in the near future, it’s an exciting time for web development.

Learn more and sign-up to the all-new Cloudflare and Cloudways integration service now, here: