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Derby City Council upgrades its financial management systems, awarding TechnologyOne a five-year contract as part of wider business transformation programme

Derby City Council will transform its financial management systems after awarding a contract to ERP ​​Software as a Service (SaaS) provider TechnologyOne, forming a key pillar of the Council’s service objective to harness automation and digital processes for business transformation.

The SaaS technology will provide financial management tools across a number of Derby City Council business functions including: budget setting and forecasting, management accounts and statement of accounts, capital accounting, procurement to pay, accounts receivable and recovery, cash management and reporting.

Since all financial operations will be managed through one secure web-based portal, managers using the new system will have access to improved data and insight capabilities, to help support business decision-making and future planning based on real-time information.

The five-year contract, awarded to the Australian SaaS ERP company following a competitive tender, will also help streamline operations by introducing self-service tools for both staff and managers, and deliver better value for money through automation and integration.

TechnologyOne will now work with the Councils’ IT and finance teams to migrate its financial management systems over from the legacy solution.

Alison Parkin, Director of Financial Services at Derby City Council, said: “The new system will help us streamline processes and deliver cost benefits by automating mundane admin tasks, like manual data inputting and spreadsheet reconciliation.”

“Faster access to up-to-date business data from different departments across the council will also improve our reporting capabilities, meaning managers can easily interrogate financial information in ways that provide new insights when it comes to making business-critical decisions.”

Leo Hanna, Executive Vice President for the UK at TechnologyOne, said: “Like many industries, local government departments are seeing a more permanent move to agile working and with it comes the need for robust digital financial management systems.

“Better digital information sharing and processes are baked-in benefits of having a SaaS based platform like OneCouncil. This is because operations are managed through one simple portal, which can be securely accessed from anywhere, on any device. That’s why we’re seeing our systems become increasingly popular with local authorities across the UK.”