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mpro5 Launches Powerful Workflow Management and Automation into North America

Mpro5 Inc, the leader in workflow management and automation, has announced its launch into the North American market with a strategy of enabling businesses to collect and leverage real-time data to simplify their most complex operational challenges. For years, they’ve been helping businesses in the UK, Europe and the Middle East collect and leverage actionable real-time data to simplify and solve their most pressing operational challenges. 

Today, we’re bringing our powerful workflow management and automation platform to the North American market. Businesses in retail, hospitality, facilities management, transportation and other industries can use mpro5’s highly configurable workflows to achieve greater visibility, improved productivity and increased compliance, delivering strong return on investment. 

Our new North American headquarters is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, with Mark Self leading North American operations as president and CEO.

Why is mpro5 such a great platform for businesses across industries? 

Research from The Business Reality Check found operational complexity is a top barrier for businesses, with “the overall difficulty of getting things done” and “lack of employee engagement” cited as top concerns by CIOs and operations, finance and customer experience leaders. mpro5’s configurable, easy-to-scale software delivers:

  • Improved productivity from automation of repetitive tasks
  • Greater business intelligence by collecting actionable real-time, dynamic data from users and IoT sensors and cameras, turning it into insights
  • Increased compliance with local, state, federal and industry regulations
  • Higher customer satisfaction by providing visibility into real-time issues across the business and resolving them quickly
  • Lower risk and cost avoidance through evidence compliance

“Businesses today need help solving their biggest day-to-day operational challenges, whether that be ensuring their bathrooms are always sparkling or that the food they are serving meets the quality and safety parameters they have specified,” said Mark Self president and CEO of North American operations. “By modernising their processes using actionable real-time, dynamic data and a configurable platform tailored to their specific needs, mpro5 has become their trusted partner in powering productivity across the enterprise.”

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About mpro5

mpro5 is the leader in workflow management and automation, powering productivity for businesses in industries such as retail, hospitality, facilities management, transportation and healthcare. We help businesses improve operational effectiveness, ensure process compliance, and drive productivity gains and cost savings across the enterprise.

Our configurable software solutions enable the quick implementation of tailored, digital processes, helping to turn complex jobs, workflows and scheduling into simple, effective and continuously compliant processes. We turn real-time, dynamic data into actionable insights, enabling companies to seamlessly manage and automate their most challenging operational pain points.

mpro5 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crimson Tide, PLC (LSE AIM:TIDE) and has offices in North America, UK, and Ireland.