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London-based cybersecurity company RiskXchange presents its innovative security solutions in Dubai at GISEC Global 2022

RiskXchange, a London-based cybersecurity company, has participated, for the first time, in Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference (GISEC) in Dubai, UAE. The conference, held at the end of March 2022 included leading security experts and technology innovators from all over the world, hosting tech giants like Huawei and Microsoft, among others.
RiskXchange presented its innovative cyber solutions to the public at GISEC 2022, and one of the highlights of the product offering was its AI-assisted Attack Surface Management Service. It provides a complete 360-degree view of an organisation’s attack surface, including an entire supply chain, collecting data from various data sources and refreshing it every 24 hours.

However, the two products the audience expressed the most interest in were RiskXchange’s Account Takeover Prevention system and Dark Web Monitoring.

“It’s not surprising to see the public’s interest in those two services, after all, leaked employee’s credentials, especially those with privileged access, give attackers not only a full entry into a company’s systems but could also be sold in the Dark Web, and our system can detect and alert organisations about these corporate credential exposures,” comments Darren Craig, CEO of RiskXchange.
RiskXchange has visited GISEC together with its new Middle Eastern partner, Bulwark Technologies, an established distributor of security technology across the GCC and India regions.

About RiskXchange 

RiskXchange is a leading cybersecurity service provider that helps companies of all sizes discover, continuously monitor, and reduce cyber risks across their enterprise’s attack surface and supply chain. Last year the company has won a ‘Security Solution of the Year’ award at the European IT and Software Excellence Awards for its outstanding security solutions.
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About Bulwark Technologies 
Bulwark is the provider for IT Security and Information Communications & Technology (ICT) products in the Middle East region & India. Bulwark serves the entire region with innovations from more than 20+ technology vendors and works with more than 700+ partners, with the aim of bringing the best in technology to the region. Bulwark has won numerous industry awards for leadership in IT sales and support and has been rated as the best VAD in the region.
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