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Imply to Present Apache Druid and Imply Polaris at Confluent-hosted Kafka Summit

Imply, the company founded by the original creators of Apache Druid®, today announced it will present Apache Druid and Imply Polaris, a cloud database service built from Apache Druid, at the upcoming Kafka Summit taking place April 25-26 (London, UK). 

Those visiting Imply Booth G01 will learn how Imply’s real-time analytics database, built from Apache Druid, delivers interactive query response at any scale, high concurrency at the best value and insights on both streaming and batch data. With a native connection to Kafka, Imply analyzes events the moment they arrive in the database with exactly-once semantics done effortlessly—part of the reason Confluent uses Druid for their own applications. Imply’s unique design combines the best analytics architectures to deliver flexibility, efficiency and resilience unmatched by any other real-time analytics database. Imply can be deployed anywhere, including as a cloud database service or an Imply-assisted offering in AWS.

“We look forward to the opportunity to speak with developers and architects attending Kafka Summit London about how they can leverage the K2D (Kafka to Druid) architecture to build real-time analytics applications,” said Praveen Rangnath, CMO of Imply. “During our discussions, we will share how this architecture is leveraged by leading organizations including, Twitter and Citrix as well as by Confluent—host of Kafka Summit and creators of Apache Kafka. These organizations and many more choose the Kafka to Druid architecture to build real-time analytics applications because of Apache Druid’s excellent performance and native integration with Apache Kafka.”

Kafka Summit, organized by Confluent, is one of the premier events for developers, architects, data engineers, devops professionals and anyone else who wants to learn about streaming data. To learn more and register to attend in-person or virtually, please visit: