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ActiveOps masters hybrid work at IDC Future of Work 2022

ActiveOps PLC, the management process automation company, will be sponsoring the forthcoming UK and Ireland IDC Future of Work event held at Houndsditch in London on 28th April 2022 as a Gold Partner. The in-person event will also feature Michael Cupps, Senior Vice President of Marketing, who will host the roundtable discussion on the critical remote management challenges facing today’s team leaders.

The IDC event aims to challenge the critical concepts of the new working world post-pandemic. Business leaders worldwide are in a state of ‘sink or swim’ negotiating through new challenges ranging from cybersecurity to employee engagement. Some businesses struggle to adapt and will ultimately face a bleak future, while others wiII utilise this momentum to create a frictionless work future.

For businesses, it remains vital to keep processes and employees healthy so that organisational productivity can stay on track. Yet leaders fail to realise in some cases is their fundamental systems and processes to ensure the wellbeing of their employees and performance lack structure. Without proper performance management, time management and task optimisation, from the back office to the front lines, organisations will struggle to survive.

“Employees and companies challenges took the spotlight during lockdowns, as they should. However, the forgotten person in all if it was the Manager, who experienced both remote and business challenges tenfold.” said Michael Cupps, Senior Vice President of Marketing at ActiveOps.

“The need to collaborate is heightened by the distance felt in the past 24 months. The opportunity to discuss real issues with remote work and in particular remote management practices will be a worthwhile topic with specific tactics to move into the future of work.”

The roundtable event hosted by Cupps will be for an hour starting at 2.15 pm, at which invited delegates can attend and participate in the discussion. Delegates will share key ideas and findings for the hour-long debate with other delegates. The event is part of a series of IDC Connect parallel peer-to-peer groups starting in the afternoon at the Mastering the Hybrid Work: From Vision to Execution event. While moderating the discussion we will address the following issues:

1.         A focus on tactics for managers

2.         Reporting and analysis techniques

3.         Ensuring wellbeing and performance

Other topics which will be discussed at the event include:

•           What hybrid working means and how to make it a success.

•           How to provide technology experience parity across the home, office, and other work environments

•           How to enhance employee engagement

•           How to create an “Experience Office” and make commuting worthwhile

•           How to build better teams in a distributed workforce

•           How to make the workplace intelligent, personal, and highly connected.

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