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Cantium and the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre partner to help schools close the cyber security skills gap

Today, Cantium Business Solutions, a specialist provider of HR, IT and finance solutions, announces that it has partnered with the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre (ECRC) to launch a cyber security education programme to help schools address threats and improve their operational measures. 

The ECRC is offering free membership to all schools in Kent and as a Trusted Partner, Cantium will be able to provide schools with the resources and guidance needed to understand the threat landscape, secure systems and ensure confidence in the Cyber Essentials Plus process, so they can gain certification. Through its security-as-a-service offering, Cantium will work with ECRC members to deliver robust security roadmaps, helping schools to implement the necessary policies and procedures to safeguard information and mitigate risk. 

With the estimated cost of cyber crime to the UK economy reaching £27bn, per year, the programme is aimed to support schools in their understanding of cyber security best practices and adapt to an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. It is designed to advance the cyber security knowledge and skills of staff and promote security awareness, whatever stage of readiness the school might be at.

“Due to their regional nature, schools are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats. There is a misconception that the key to a strong security posture lies solely in technology, when in fact security awareness is as equally important. The weak point in any security chain is, more often than not, human. Building a culture that ensures staff are well informed and alert can help schools manage risk as staff become the first line of defence,” said Mark Scott, CEO of Cantium Business Solutions and Eastern Cyber Reliance Centre board member. “Our status as a LatCo makes us uniquely positioned to be able to support our community – everything we do, including this programme, is an investment into the citizens whose lives we are always aiming to improve, and we are excited to be providing such vital cyber support on this scale.” 

Detective Superintendent Paul Lopez, Director of the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre said: “Security threats to schools are on the rise and the landscape is constantly evolving, cyber security is an ever-increasing challenge. Working alongside Trusted Partners like Cantium enables us to provide organisations with the support and solutions they require to help protect themselves against cyber threats.” 

The Cantium cyber security education programme offers an affordable and accessible route to ensuring cyber skilling and resilience, regardless of where schools are in their cyber security journey.