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Sensilab Supplements Their Customer Experience Strategy with a Boost from Mapp

Founded in 2005, Sensilab is a global supplements company specializing in the development and marketing of top-quality nutraceutical products, vitamin dietary supplements, and cosmetics. Their mission is centered around health & well-being, to help create a better future for its customers and their families.

Sensilab believes that every individual is unique, and it’s why a personalized approach with their customers is of ultimate importance.

After Sensilab’s recent acquisition by Vision Healthcare, the company had exceptional growth and expansion plans they wanted to achieve; with 5 different brands across 20 countries using multiple languages. The Digital Marketing team was aware they had a huge amount of untapped data potential which was key in unlocking insight-led customer experiences that resonate. But they were looking for the right MarTech to support their goal.

Sensilab chose Mapp Cloud as they wanted a platform that makes it easy to centralize and use their data dynamically, to draw granular insights and create customized experiences, on both a regional and global scale.

“After considering multiple solutions for a lengthy time, Mapp Cloud came out on top as a clear winner in terms of its capabilities. Mapp’s intuitive platform, support, and guidance for our team of 20+ e-mail marketers gave us the confidence to move forward,” Črt Podlogar – Ecommerce Marketing Director

Having previously relied on gut-feel and siloed data in their marketing strategy, Mapp Cloud now empowers their Digital Marketing team to use their insights at the core and put them into action. By basing their decisions on data that shows what does and doesn’t work for current and future customers, the company can strategize their customer interactions more intelligently, across multiple territories.

Mapp’s incredibly granular onboarding plan was impressive to Sensilab, consisting of Mapp Academy training and our experts on hand to support their team during the process. With over 1400 hours’ worth of support incorporated into their offering, Mapp becomes a helping hand that frees up Sensilab time to run more strategic and insight-led campaigns.

Sensilab is currently planning a questionnaire-based campaign that offers tailored advice and product recommendations, built on the customer’s health requirements and lifestyle. With personalised product recommendations based on AI, these will be centered on logic and will add a more personal touch to customers. This is crucial as an industry standard, as assumptions cannot be made regarding health or medical products as these vary from person to person, and for medical reasons.

This is one of many end-to-end campaigns Mapp will be helping Sensilab with, including building the logic flow and landing pages.

“We’re super-excited to start a new chapter with Mapp in our email marketing and marketing automation activities across our 60 stores. Leveraging customer insights and data to drive our sales is one of our key strategic goals. Mapp’s platform can help us do more than just collect and store data in an easy-to-analyze platform. It will help us leverage this in a seamless and dynamic way, making the data truly actionable across our several channels.

“The incredible dedication of their Sales and Project Team assisted us to define and outline how our project would run, and a lot of genuinely satisfied customers on reference calls speak for themselves. We’re looking forward to seeing a considerable upgrade to our customer experience, and the other future benefits we’ll see from a great relationship that began from our very first call.”

–        Črt Podlogar – Ecommerce Marketing Director