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Gravitee unveils new API Designer, helping teams move to API Design-first, faster, the open source solution provider whose platform enables the effortless control of an organization’s API ecosystem, has unveiled its new API Designer platform. The Gravitee API Designer is a no-code, visual API Design solution that helps teams, no matter their technical skill, make the move to API Design-first faster.

API Designer provides a mind map where users can easily structure and visualize a data model that will be exposed by their API. Within the mind map, customers can specify your API metadata and define and configure your attributes, all without a single line of code.

Like other API Design solutions, the Gravitee API Designer takes a “no-code” approach. However, where the Gravitee API Designer differentiates is in its abstraction layer that allows users to design an API and create a specification without needing to know any of the technical aspects of OpenAPI.

Commenting on the platform, Alex Drag Director of Product Marketing at Gravitee said: “This way of working makes it fully-accessible to business stakeholders that better understand the business requirements for the API, but are less technical than Devs and Architects, so it’s been great to be able to explore this further with our industry peers at QCon.

“API Designer also gives business users full autonomy during the API Design phase, and makes it easier (especially for remote teams) to iterate around API specification with quick feedback between less technical business users and Developers and backend teams who will eventually need to implement an API based on the model and specification,” Alex added.

For more details on the API Designer, visit the recent webinar titled “Implementing an API design-first approach for success,” presented by Gravitee’s Nico Balestra