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Digital Workforce accelerates UK growth with multiple deals signed with NHS Trusts

Digital Workforce, the leading provider of intelligent automation (IA) services has reported strong growth with significant wins across five NHS trusts totalling to a value of €1 million. With 75% of executives across the world expecting IA, and other technologies to disrupt their sectors within the coming year, the UK, and in particular the NHS, is already fulfilling that promise.

Working in partnership with PSTG and M8 Solutions, both specialist NHS technology services providers, Digital Workforce is delivering services which will allow five NHS trusts to automate at scale using improved cloud-based solutions. This new cloud-based automation capability along with ongoing process maintenance support will allow the trusts to release crucial hours back to essential employees, allowing them to deploy their healthcare expertise on more meaningful tasks resulting in a more streamlined approach and enhancing the overall patient experience. This also includes essential business continuity of the automated processes as they migrate from human to digital worker fulfilment.

NHS Digital in the UK has already made a commitment to moving services to the cloud and the new Digital Workforce implementations will cover internal functions such as: Finance and HR including onboarding and payroll functions, as well as patient management systems improving the overall appointment booking experience for patients. In addition to saving significant amounts of time for both patients and employees, the new capabilities implemented across the trusts will reduce errors to further transform the services offered.

Digital Workforce CEO Mika Vainio-Mattila said,

“Working with our specialist partners, Digital Workforce is demonstrating that we continue to offer clear benefits and layer upon layer of value.  As one of the largest employers in the world, the NHS is a perfect organisation to reap the benefits of cloud-based Intelligent Automation. The rapid uptake of these solutions in Q1 shows how strong their commitment is to these technologies  to improve patient health, experiences and to create further efficiencies amongst their workforce. These new deals with a value of around €1 million, illustrate what an exciting sector this is for us in 2022 and beyond.”

Stephen Chilton, Chief Digital Officer at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust said,

“As an early adopter and a pioneer of Intelligent Automation in healthcare, we are excited to take the next step in our Intelligent Automation evolution with Digital Workforce and look forward to the transformative benefits that automation as a service has to offer. We believe that Intelligent Automation is a game changer and will play a major role in helping us transform the support offered as an organisation with efficient and cutting-edge methods of working, with enhanced patient-facing and administrative procedures.”