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Effective Ways to Save Money and Time When Hiring New Tech Employees

Hiring is an expensive process and costs can quickly stack – especially when it comes to hiring tech professionals. There is the cost of job postings. There is the time spent by managers reviewing CVs, participating in interviews and negotiating offers. All of this before the overhead of on boarding and training your new employee. Not to mention there is the potential cost of hiring the wrong person and having to start the entire process over again. 

Whilst hiring the right talent isn’t an exact science, there are time-tested methods you can use to help. Leveraging them will help your business save money and time whilst hiring. 


Promote within and get inbound referrals

Most organisations will already have talented staff within their midst. Many of these existing hires have a track record of success whilst also displaying exemplary cultural fit. As opposed to searching for outside talent which is costly and a time suck, you should instead promote within. There may be a member of staff that already has the necessary skills to step into the role.

If not look at their existing skills, seek to find gaps and bridge them. Mentoring and training courses may alleviate the existing skill gap. Promoting from within can save money when hiring that may have been used on jobs boards or paid to recruiters. It also saves your hiring managers precious time. Fostering a promotion culture within a firm will be observed by other employees, further motivating your existing staff too.

Another avenue is to ask for employee referrals. Your employees already know exactly what it is like to work for you. They can describe it accurately to others. They know the skills required and what the culture fit looks like. People are unlikely to refer to people they dislike. There is the added benefit of your new employee immediately getting on with your existing staff. 

You should also reach out to your existing network. Asking for referrals from people you trust and respect is a great way to find talent. Ideally ask for recommendations from those within your industry. 


Consider Contract staff and Using Recruiters

The need for permanent staff is not necessary on every project. Jobs that are specific in nature can easily be outsourced. This could be done through contract workers on shorter monthly contracts. 

An added benefit of hiring contractors is that you can reduce overall employee costs. You do not have to pay contract staff the same benefits as full-time employees. Specialist recruiters who have pre-vetted high quality contract workers could help.

Whilst some managers baulk at the prospect of using recruiters, they may actually save you money in the long run. Certain circumstances will certainly warrant using them. Yes there will be a fee incurred but these fees must be compared to the internal cost. 

Agencies have developed specific screening processes for candidates to ensure they find the highest quality relevant talent. This allows you to invest less time on the initial assessment and exclusively interview candidates that meet or exceed the job criteria. Recruiting agencies are more appropriate for employers who are regularly hiring and if you need to fill a specialist or senior position in the tech sector.


Post Specific Job Ads on Job Boards 

Post on jobs boards with a specific and detailed job description. They will avoid vague job posting and instead will apply only for clearly defined roles where they know what will be required of them. Candidates should understand exactly what you are looking for before the interview – such as coding and development languages, tech support skills and experience.

Don’t over glamorise or emit any details on the job description. This in the long run will cost you money if hires quit due to the role not meeting their expectations. One common mistake is to not state salary on the job posting. 

State the salary range or at the very least state that the pay will be competitive rate relative to similar positions. You only want to interview people who have a real chance of accepting the role. It’s a monumental waste of time and money to go through multiple rounds of interviews only to find out that the candidate would never take the role due to the salary being too low.