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EDB Accelerates Innovation with World’s First Openly Governed Postgres Operator for Kubernetes

EDB, the world leader in accelerating Postgres in the enterprise, announced the release of CloudNativePG, the first open source operator optimised for Kubernetes, and the submission of a Sandbox application to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Built on cloud native principles, CloudNativePG enables senior IT decision makers to build the foundation for a microservices-based cloud native architecture. The new open source Kubernetes operator simplifies integration of the Postgres database platform in enterprise Kubernetes deployments, speeding up application and service delivery and accelerating enterprise innovation.

Kubernetes has transformed the way enterprises globally create, deploy, and manage large scale applications via containers. With the growth of containerisation adoption, the challenge of managing and leveraging data within containerised applications has become a barrier to using Kubernetes in some application scenarios. CloudNativePG brings in a community-managed, open source solution for data-centric applications on Kubernetes.

“This is the first collaboration between the Kubernetes and Postgres communities, and the possibilities of combining these two foundational technologies are exciting,” said Marc Linster, chief technology officer, EDB. “As the founding member of the CloudNativePG community, we are committed to supporting open source and elevating the power of the cloud for modern applications by leveraging our deep understanding of both communities. With expertise, enhanced enterprise-grade capabilities, global support and Kubernetes certifications, we are uniquely qualified to help end users accelerate infrastructure standardisation, modernisation, and cloud transformation.”

The open source Kubernetes operator was designed with DevOps and Agile development in mind to help end users add technological versatility to their projects and achieve a faster time-to-market. EDB is a CNCF Kubernetes Certified Services Provider, Silver Member of CNCF & Linux Foundation, founding sponsor of the Data on Kubernetes Community, and has a certified operator for Red Hat OpenShift. End users who leverage the community version will be able to get support for CloudNativePG from EDB with EDB’s Community 360 Subscription offering.

“Ninety percent of people believe Kubernetes is ready for stateful workloads, but many cite challenges with operators as a key hurdle to adoption,¹” said Melissa Logan, director of the Data on Kubernetes Community. “I applaud EDB’s effort to make the data on Kubernetes system more open and to give Postgres users an easy onramp for managing data-intensive workloads on Kubernetes.”

Organisations globally are recognizing the power of running Postgres in Kubernetes. “At Boehringer, we made a strategic decision to standardise on open source technologies, and we selected Postgres Operator CloudNativePG for rapid development projects,” said Simon Adamczyk, global lead for containerization and Kubernetes, Boehringer Ingelheim. “While our Kubernetes adoption is at an early stage, we’re planning to go to production in the near future. It is vital for us to have uncomplicated solutions ready to quickly deploy and deprecate without having to think about licensing and lock-in issues.”

To assist enterprise end users with tooling, enhanced features, and support, EDB also offers EDB Postgres for Kubernetes which leverages CloudNativePG to enable end users to utilize the enterprise-grade capabilities and support. EDB Postgres for Kubernetes provides the following features and benefits:

  • Easy access: The Kubernetes Operator covers the full lifecycle of a Postgres database cluster with a primary/standby architecture, using native cloud streaming replication.
  • Control over deployment: On premises or in the Cloud, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes runs identically everywhere, giving end users consistent and reliable experiences. This also includes Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Automated healing and administration: If Postgres breaks, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes restores functionality, protecting failover, switchover, backup, recovery, and rolling updates

“The EDB PostgreSQL operator helps our DevOps engineers build applications based on open source technologies on our Kubernetes Cloud Native platform,” said Eduard Diner, IT product owner, hybrid cloud and data centre architecture, Mercedes-Benz AG. “Kubernetes helps us in accelerating the build of new applications and in the modernization of existing ones.”