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Quest Software Delivers Data Intelligence Offering to Help Organizations Address Data Quality, Data Governance and Business User Needs

  • erwin Data Intelligence by Quest 12.0 automates data quality profiling, assessment, ongoing observability and remediation
  • Solution adds new data quality capabilities, business-focused data discovery experience
  • New consumer-like discovery and collaboration experience make data assets more accessible to business users and raises organizational data literacy


Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection and security software provider, today announced the launch of erwin Data Intelligence by Quest 12.0, the latest version of a data intelligence platform designed to bring IT, data governance teams and business users together in understanding, leveraging and protecting organizations’ data. Through a new data quality offering and an enhanced business user experience, users will benefit from added data quality transparency and automation, new data asset discovery and collaboration tools for non-technical users, and more capabilities to extend data intelligence, visibility and understanding. These enhancements support strategic data governance efforts crucial to enterprise data initiatives.

According to research commissioned by Quest, more than half of organizations with 1000+ employees and over $100 million in annual revenue define a core component of data governance as understanding data quality, and nearly half cited data quality as a top driver of investment in data governance initiatives. erwin Data Intelligence 12.0 provides new integrated data quality capabilities to help organizations more fully support these data governance needs. Based on the DQLabs augmented data quality platform, erwin’s data quality offering automates data profiling and data quality assessment and extends data quality visibility beyond traditional IT roles to data governance teams and business users. Additional data observability and data remediation capabilities are also available to help organizations efficiently pursue data quality improvement and collaboration.

“High-quality data is critical for businesses when it comes to improving business outcomes, streamlining operational costs, and reducing overall risk. Businesses are looking for deepened integrated data quality and visibility capabilities so that IT, data governance teams and business users across the board are able to ensure appropriate data usage and build data trust,” said Stewart Bond, Research Director for Data Integration and Data Intelligence Software at IDC. “Organizations that make it easier for all enterprise stakeholders to discover data and collaborate to increase data literacy and maximize the strategic value of data will have a distinct advantage.”

Beyond new integrated data quality capabilities, erwin Data Intelligence 12.0 also delivers a new data asset discovery and collaboration experience for data governance teams and business users, making it intuitive and simple for non-technical users to organize and democratize data use. Through its new user interface, erwin Data Intelligence provides customers with dynamic content filtering, interactive mind map and data lineage visualizations, and integrated collaboration tools such as data asset ranking, to-do lists, and chat capabilities to increase the speed of asset discovery, aid data governance and raise data literacy.

Other key erwin Data Intelligence by Quest 12.0 enhancements include:

  • Enhanced data lineage and impact analysis performance and usability through new uses of graph database technology and an improved visual design
  • Expanded sensitive data identification and governance with the ability to multi-classify assets
  • Extended enterprise tagging capabilities within the data catalog to speed discovery and aid in analysis and automation


“Data quality and data governance initiatives are tightly interwoven and essential to every business, and the new version of erwin Data Intelligence supports this vital integration,” said Heath Thompson, General Manager of Information Systems Management at Quest Software. “Quest research and customer discussions continue to guide our development investments and focus our attention on empowering both technical and non-technical stakeholders within the customer organizations we help.”

Organizations who would like to learn more about erwin Data Intelligence 12.0, can:

  • Watch the What’s New in erwin Data Intelligence 12.0 video
  • Register to attend the Building Trust through Data Intelligence webinar on May 24 to learn more about new erwin data quality capabilities
  • Visit the erwin Data Intelligence website to learn more about the full data intelligence offering


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