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4 Ways Businesses Hurt Their Cybersecurity

Many people think that investing more in cybersecurity will help stop all attacks. While it will help, what many people do not realise is that the business itself and the people in it are one of the biggest vulnerabilities. The actions people take will either hurt or help cybersecurity. Businesses can reduce the risk of breaches and cyberattacks by addressing these four things that hurt cybersecurity within the business.

Internal Systemic Risks

Many businesses make decisions that end up hurting their cybersecurity. One of the more common things is not patching and updating server software. Sometimes businesses do not want to do this because it will affect the work being done. The potential loss of productivity is nothing compared to the losses that could come from a data breach.

A related decision is not shutting down a server for big updates. These updates will not apply unless you restart the server. Another decision is using old software and hardware. New software and hardware have the latest security patches and are infinitely more secure than old hardware and software. Even if this will be a costly update, it is worth it, especially when you consider the risks that come with not doing it.

Treating Security Like a Defender

Your cybersecurity should help protect your business, but it should not be the reason why you do not do anything related to software and hardware. Many businesses do not want to install critical applications or change critical hardware because they don’t want to deal with the potential security issues that can arise from doing this. Businesses should see cybersecurity as something that keeps the business safe, not something that can be used as an excuse to hinder progress and business activities.

Not Monitoring the Network

Being proactive is crucial in cybersecurity. You need to catch issues early before they become unmanageable problems. The best way to do so is by monitoring the network. This way you can be alerted if an unauthorised person tries to get into the network. Businesses can either hire an IT professional to monitor their network and keep it safe or get in touch with companies that provide IT support. These IT companies will monitor the network for theft, data breaches and weak passwords and let you know if something isn’t right.

Having the Wrong View of Accountability

Accountability means that decisions can be attributed to someone who made them. While accountability does help to ensure all decisions are accounted for, it can lead to security issues if used the wrong way.

For example, anyone who thinks they will be fired for doing something will not do it. This can extend to IT personnel who might not do an update or patch a server because they think they will be fired if something goes wrong. Businesses can hold people accountable while not scaring them into inaction. It should balance the need to hold people responsible for their actions with ensuring everyone can do their job without fear.

While external issues can present significant security issues, internal issues can too. A business should look within to ensure it is not introducing new security issues.