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Digitisation of the British automotive industry picks up speed

Scrive, European pioneer in automating contract-based business processes with electronic signature and identification solutions, is bringing momentum to the digitisation of the UK automotive industry by cooperating with Pinewood, one of the leading solutions for dealer management in the automotive sector.

Scrive is making a significant contribution to closing the gaps in digital manufacturer and dealer processes. They are already working with VW, KIA, Europcar and BMW Financial Services. The challenge of switching to digital processes in the automotive industry is great: Above all, compliance with manufacturers and the desire of customers for digital omnichannel processes require smart solutions.


Offering car buyers a better buying experience: digital, omnichannel, time- and cost-saving

Many customers today want a digital omnichannel process when buying a car. Not only is the digital showroom becoming increasingly important, but also the option of buying a vehicle partially or completely online. For this, dealers need an innovative digital system that enables a contemporary customer experience.

Pinewood is meeting this demand with its range of solutions, which includes digital signatures from Scrive. Businesses need to manage finance documents, vehicle orders, job cards and invoices. Without digital signatures, documents would need to be printed out, signed in person or through the post, and scanned back in or stored in a physical folder. E-signing simplifies the workflow, saves time, and reduces costs. Franchise operations, used car dealers, and truck and motorcycle distributors benefit from significantly simplified customer management and the complete digital purchasing process.


Pinewood chooses secure e-signing from European provider Scrive

Scrive is one of the few providers that meet all eIDAS requirements for a qualified electronic signature, which is fully equivalent to a handwritten signature in legal terms. Every document signed with Scrive is digitally sealed using blockchain technology, making it secure against fraud and forgery. It is also compatible with various hardware and software, can be used on all devices and from anywhere. Customers can sign financing agreements in the Pinewood DMS apps or remotely using Scrive, an integrated electronic signature service. Scrive eliminates manual steps such as data entry, printing, and scanning, and ensures that deals can be completed quickly and easily.


Neville Briggs, Managing Director of Pinewood, explains the background to the decision to work with Scrive: “Sending documents for signature via email was the main service we needed. In addition, we now also enable sending via SMS to give retailers multiple options for sending messages – depending on how their customers want to transact. Working with the team at Scrive was really easy. They know their product and the market extremely well. They also offer a competitive pricing structure that works for our customers. We look forward to getting more dealers on board and seeing the results.”


Victor Wrede, CEO of Scrive, also emphasises the importance of the collaboration: “Our goal is to provide our customers worldwide with a cost-effective and user-friendly way to send digital documents for e-signing, making the entire car buying and service process one hundred percent digital. We will see success when dealers provide their customers with the digital omnichannel experience they are looking for.”