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BlueFort Security Announces Strategic Partnership with Noname Security to Offer Proactive API Security

BlueFort Security, the UK’s leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has announced it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Noname Security, a leader in application programming interface (API) Security. The Noname API Security Platform is the only solution that covers the entire API security scope across three pillars — API Posture Management, API Runtime Security, and Secure API Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, BlueFort customers will have access to the Noname API Security Platform, enabling them to proactively secure their environments from API security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and design flaws, while providing API attack protection with automated detection and response.

The global threat landscape is evolving rapidly, particularly given the accelerated shift to the cloud and long-term hybrid working. Misconfigured APIs have become a leading cause of cloud security breaches, with two-thirds of all cloud breaches tied to misconfigured APIs, according to IBM Security’s X-Force Cloud Threat Landscape Report. For many organisations, there is a significant visibility gap at the API layer, leading to a lack of governance and posture management of APIs. Gartner has predicted that 2022 will be the year API attacks become the most frequent attack vector.  

The strategic partnership with Noname will expand BlueFort’s already comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions, which are built on carefully selected partnerships, insight, and expertise to deliver innovative, end-to-end IT security solutions to secure BlueFort customers’ environments. The Noname API Security Platform will also provide API vulnerability scanning as part of BlueFort’s key value-add offerings within BlueFort Evolve; a cyber-focused services package, designed to support internal IT teams with enhanced support, additional incident response resources, and specialist technical and professional services to enhance their security posture.  

BlueFort puts vendors through a rigorous assessment framework before considering them for integration in its partner program. This is a demanding process for any IT security vendor and is designed to ensure that BlueFort offers only the very best cybersecurity solutions to its customers.

In addition to covering the entire API security scope, the Noname API Security Platform can connect to any environment and natively integrates with organisations’ existing technology stack. It is the only API security platform that offers both SaaS or on-premises deployments and enables API testing before production – helping customers actively conduct API testing as part of the API software development lifecycle to identify issues before production.

“Partnering with BlueFort is an excellent fit for us given the team’s expertise as a cyber security partner providing valuable technical expertise and hands-on support to businesses across the UK,” said Dirk Marichal, VP EMEA at Noname Security. “BlueFort’s service offerings are highly evolved and built upon solid skill sets and subject matter expertise, making the partnership a natural choice in a fast-moving technology area where users need guidance, thought leadership and innovation. The Noname API Security platform will help BlueFort customers mitigate risks, prevent attacks, and keep business APIs secure,” Marichal continued. 

Dave Henderson, CEO, Sales & Marketing at BlueFort Security, added: “We are pleased to be able to offer BlueFort customers access to the most powerful, complete, and easy-to-use API security platform – both as a standalone solution and as part of our value-add BlueFort Evolve offering.”

“IT discovery is now a top priority for CISOs, who are faced with securing an ever-expanding attack surface in an increasingly hostile global threat environment,” continued Henderson. “Noname Security provides a complete view of API security and helps CISOs proactively secure their environments from vulnerabilities and misconfiguration. This strategic partnership reflects our shared ethos of providing innovative solutions that focus on addressing fast evolving security challenges across all market sectors,” concluded Henderson.