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Cloudreach launches Sunstone™ to enable continuous cloud modernisation for businesses

Cloudreach has announced the launch of Sunstone, a software platform designed to accelerate the modernisation of in-cloud environments. Through the use of AI and machine learning technologies, Sunstone automates the continuous modernisation of in-cloud applications to drive innovation, boost performance, increase security and reduce costs.

Market analysts forecast that by 2025, 40% of IT budgets will be spent paying off technical debt. For organisations this means shifting to a continuous modernisation mindset to ensure that technical debt is properly controlled, and in-house teams are given room to innovate. But understanding the best route to a modernized application portfolio is a real challenge. With many organisations becoming late cloud adopters while others try to modernise their cloud infrastructure after scrambling to adapt during COVID, modernisation is bound to become an expensive and confusing endeavour. The traditional approach to application modernisation is to treat it as a ‘one and done’ event, which is ineffective, expensive and encourages technical debt.

Sunstone utilises an agentless, lightweight onboarding process to rapidly capture a cloud environment, before leveraging advanced resource grouping services to profile the gathered data and build a clear picture of the distinct workloads that need to be modernised. Cutting-edge data and analytics engines evaluate a target cloud estate for modernization opportunities and provide a prioritised roadmap, aligned with an organisation’s business goals.

The software enables technology leaders to maximize their cloud spend ROI and rationalise their in-cloud application portfolio. Analytics engines immediately start parsing the discovered data for opportunities to move to cloud-native technologies to generate time savings, increase productivity, democratise access to compute and data, and save money. In this way, the software introduces the latest innovations from the hyperscale cloud providers into the target environment to drive business transformation.

“As businesses see an increased need for cloud adoption and investment, they will need a solution that can quickly onboard their infrastructure and make it cloud-ready,” said Brooks Borcherding, CEO at Cloudreach “Sunstone will provide organisations the tools they need to move towards innovative cloud technology that modernises workloads and operating models in a way that is aligned to business goals”

Jonny James, Product Manager, Sunstone added “There is a clear need for business leaders to pivot to a continuous modernisation mindset and make this a key priority for their organisations if they are to get ahead of the competition and drive new value streams to their customers. This guiding principle has been key for the Sunstone product development team and has continuously underlined the importance of providing customers with a clear route to a modernised state where they are able to effectively leverage the technologies at their disposal, promote innovation and drive value to customers.”