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WalkMe and Celonis Collaborate to Optimize Business Performance for Customers

Combining WalkMe’s and Celonis’ best-in-class solutions allows customers to identify and fix process inefficiencies directly in their day-to-day applications, improving cash flow, operating margins, and user satisfaction while driving revenue growth  


WalkMe Ltd. (NASDAQ: WKME), a leading provider of Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP), today announced a strategic partnership with Celonis, the global leader in execution management, that enables joint customers to maximize the impact and return on digital transformation investments. WalkMe and Celonis will collaborate to optimize their respective customers’ business performance by offering WalkMe’s leading Digital Adoption Platform combined with the real-time process optimization capabilities of the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) to accelerate digital transformation.


The partnership will help customers identify and prioritize processes that are not being executed to their full potential and either fix them automatically or if needed guide employees to take action at the precise moment their input is required. Business processes can  be automated either via WalkMe’s front-end automation capabilities or via Celonis’ back-end API integrations. Together, WalkMe and Celonis will help customers gain a better understanding of how work moves across the enterprise, apply those insights to accelerate digital innovation, and take the right actions to reach new levels of business performance.


“One of the biggest challenges of digital transformations is the expectations of end-users who often struggle with ever-changing applications and business processes,” said Amir Farhi, Chief Business Development Officer at WalkMe. “The synergy between WalkMe and Celonis will  drive real value for organizations by optimizing sales processes, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing operating margins, all by automating or entirely eliminating tedious activities.”


“We believe that the winners in digital innovation will be the companies that put data to work in every facet of business execution,” said Gunther Rameseder, Senior Vice President Solution Engineering at Celonis. “This partnership with WalkMe, the gold standard for driving business process adoption and enhancing employee experience, underscores just how significantly data is revolutionizing the way companies operate. Our collaboration with WalkMe combines Celonis’ ability to reveal and fix process inefficiencies with WalkMe’s seamless user experience and automation capabilities. Customers deploying Celonis and WalkMe will be able to accelerate business transformation, drive value and achieve higher levels of performance.”


“Celonis and WalkMe are the leaders in their respective fields, and we are very excited about the business process optimization opportunities they’ll unlock together,” said Greisy Flores, Senior Global Product Manager at Nestlé. “At Nestlé, we were an early adopter, applying Celonis and WalkMe across many processes, which have resulted in significant business value across the board. We are looking forward to experiencing the benefits of WalkMe and Celonis together.”


“The partnership between WalkMe and Celonis really positions both companies for growth while driving more efficiency and higher levels of productivity for joint customers,” said Daniel Newman, Founding Partner and Principal Analyst for Futurum Research. “With the name of the game today being ‘eliminate difficult processes that slow down work,’ the WalkMe/Celonis partnership creates a win-win to achieve this with their complementary technologies.”


Deploying WalkMe and Celonis together, customers will be able to leverage Celonis’ Execution Management System to understand how business is being executed across systems, identify process inefficiencies, quantify the impact, prioritize and fix them accordingly. With these insights, customers will already have thousands of data points on where they could use WalkMe to drive employees to execute processes more efficiently. While this is already game-changing for many enterprises, Celonis and WalkMe are also integrating their products to make users aware of process inefficiencies and give them prescriptive guidance in real-time. WalkMe provides this guidance directly within the application employees are already using. Furthermore, thanks to WalkMe’s overlay and data technology, user journeys across different applications can be analyzed. This data is used by Celonis to enhance the system-data-based process model with the front-end user journeys to identify even more  opportunities for improvement.


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