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Amplitude Announces Expanded Partnership with Snowflake to Advance Product Experiences for Customers

New cutting-edge data integration expands options for secure, cross-platform access to customer and product insights

Amplitude, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMPL), the pioneer in digital optimisation, today announced an expanded partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to bring the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud to organisations around the world. With a new data-sharing integration, Snowflake customers have the flexibility to unlock actionable insights into customer behaviours and product experiences within Amplitude, without exporting data from their Snowflake instance. The integration combines the Snowflake Data Cloud with Amplitude’s #1 ranked product analytics solution, giving organisations the power of choice and speed to focus on what matters most: creating amazing product experiences to drive business growth. 

With the Snowflake Data Share integration, Amplitude and Snowflake customers now have the flexibility to consolidate their data directly in their Snowflake instances or establish read access to a data share provisioned by Amplitude. This improved data accessibility will give customers the flexibility to access their data how they choose and increase the ROI of their Snowflake investment. 

“The digital product landscape is more crowded and competitive than ever before. To win the market and ensure long-term customer loyalty, organisations must have a deep understanding of their customers’ preferences and behaviours,” said Spenser Skates, CEO and co-founder of Amplitude. “But accessing high-quality customer data has historically been a challenge, inhibiting cross-functional teams from having a unified view of every customer. That’s changing thanks to Amplitude and Snowflake’s new expanded partnership. Organisations will now be able to quickly and flexibly collect, process, and get value from their product data to accelerate adoption, drive growth and increase retention.”  

Building upon Snowflake and Amplitude’s bi-directional integration, customers gain flexibility on the best way to manage their data. Organisations can leverage Amplitude’s Reverse ETL integration with Snowflake to further enrich or add to the data in Amplitude, as well as bring this data back to the customers’ Snowflake instance via Amplitude’s data sharing workflow. 

“Organisations today need access to accurate, real-time customer data sets, leaving no room for data silos,” said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Marketplace, Snowflake. “Snowflake and Amplitude have taken the next step in our partnership so that customers can gain increased flexibility and choice on how to mobilise their data, further unlocking rich behavioural insights to drive their businesses forward.”

The Snowflake Data Cloud enables organisations to create a secure source of truth for their data, while also providing a flexible query engine for technical users. Amplitude provides leading digital analytics that captures customer behaviours, resolves customer identity across any digital touchpoint, and provides a self-serve, no SQL interface for business users to answer questions, run product experiments, and target audiences. Together with the new data share integration, teams have more options for how to connect the two platforms and utilise tools to improve data quality and decision-making. 

The new integration will be generally available in Q3 2022. Learn more about the Amplitude and Snowflake partnership here. For new and existing customers, request a custom integration demo here.

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