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Astar Network Offers AWS Activate to support developers and builders

Astar Network, the leading Smart Contract Hub for WASM (WebAssembly) + EVM (Earned Value Management), has announced support to its Builders and Incubation Programs thanks to AWS Active by Amazon Web Services.

The Astar Builders Program was organised to help further the development, growth, and adoption of the Polkadot ecosystem by supporting teams who are building on it. It allows developers to build applications and infrastructure to meet the blockchain community’s needs, developing and creating apps that can further push the web 3.0 space. As part of the program, Astar ecosystem projects receive technical, networking, fundraising, and marketing support.

Astar launched its incubation program in February 2022 to provide additional support to the ecosystems existing projects. The program delivers all the benefits of the Builders Program, as well as seed funding opportunities to accelerate projects’ time-to-market.

All startups who join either the Astar Builders Program or Astar Incubation Program, can enjoy the AWS Activate Program which will be eligible for up to $100,000 USD of credits to help cover AWS service usage. Teams will also be able to access technical mentoring with experts from AWS and other industry experts.

“This partnership has come at a great time for Astar and the developers using our hub,” said Sota Watanabe, Founder and CEO of Astar Network. “Our core goal has always been to let developers build applications that the community wants and needs. With AWS Activate, it’ll be even easier for them to do this with confidence. We’re excited to see the innovations this partnership will help bring to life.”

“At AWS, we’ve always been passionate about supporting startups to grow, thrive, and improve their business operations through the power of the cloud. Providing AWS Activate program towards Astar Network to help expand its Builders Program and Incubation program harness better engagement among its community is a natural next step for us,” said Hiroshi Hata, Head of Japan Startup Business Development, Amazon Web Services Japan G.K. (AWS). “We’re excited to see how our support for the Astar ecosystem will spark diverse, interesting, and innovative projects to the benefit of all.”