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Acceldata to Offer Improved Insights into Data in Snowflake Environments

Acceldata has announced an integration with Snowflake that improves insights, control, and spend intelligence of Snowflake environments. Acceldata’s data observability for Snowflake offers a cost-effective solution to align cost and value in Snowflake environments with actionable insights and alerts into spend, administration, misconfigurations or anomalies, and usage trends.

“The journey of data can be a complex and bumpy road from start to finish. With many opportunities for failure along the way, a data observability solution allows customers to monitor the entire data lifecycle to detect and fix issues before they become costly,” said Rohit Choudhary, founder and CEO, Acceldata. “With this integration, Acceldata Data Observability Cloud helps customers monitor, test and optimize Snowflake environments with ease.”

Leveraging utilization information, the integration boosts the cost-to-value ratio by improving resource efficiency, eliminating waste and aligning spend with business benefit. Capabilities such as performance monitoring and analytics ensure service level objectives are met by eliminating bottlenecks, adhering to best practices, and predicting and preventing incidents. By monitoring data quality and reliability, the integration can improve data trust by delivering consistently reliable, high-quality data regardless of its origin or pipeline.

Acceldata says that its data observability for Snowflake helps customers:

  • Monitor: achieve a 360-degree view of data, processing and pipeline orchestration inside and outside of Snowflake
  • Analyze: gain insights into utilization, anomalies and trends that affect data quality, performance, and cost
  • Act: receive alert notifications and recommendations and/or implement auto-actions that accelerate time to results