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Snowflake Launches New Unistore Workload to Drive Next Phase of Innovation with Transactional and Analytical Data Together in the Data Cloud

  • Unistore will enable the future of application development, unlock new transactional use cases, and help teams gain deeper insights from all of their data
  • Customers like Adobe, IQVIA, Novartis, UiPath, and Wolt are already leveraging Unistore in private preview

Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW), the Data Cloud company, today announced at its annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2022, the launch of Unistore, a new workload that expands the capabilities of Snowflake and delivers a modern approach to working with transactional and analytical data together in a single platform. Unistore extends the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud to streamline and simplify the development of transactional applications, while providing consistent governance, strong performance, and near-unlimited scale to customers.

Traditionally, transactional and analytical data have been siloed, creating complexities when moving data between systems and hindering the speed required for modern development. With Unistore, teams can expand the Data Cloud to include transactional use cases such as application state and data serving. As a part of Unistore, Snowflake is introducing Hybrid Tables, which offer fast single-row operations and allow customers to build transactional business applications directly on Snowflake. Hybrid Tables, currently in private preview, enable customers to perform swift analytics on transactional data for immediate context, and join Hybrid Tables with existing Snowflake Tables for a holistic view across all data. Unistore and Hybrid Tables enable customers to build transactional applications with the same simplicity and performance they’re used to with Snowflake, and a unified approach to data governance and security.

Adobe is an early adopter of Unistore and has begun using the private preview of Hybrid Tables for its Adobe Campaigns application, which enables brands to deliver immediate omnichannel individualized experiences at scale.

“Running Adobe Campaign on Snowflake has enabled us to offer unparalleled speed and scale to our customers, who can now leverage our best-in-class cross-channel campaign management functionality with performance that can’t be matched,” said Nick Hall, Senior Director, Adobe Campaign & Managed Cloud Services. “Our teams already love the improvements we’re seeing, including 50x improvement in delivery preparation time. We look forward to seeing how Unistore will enhance the ability of Adobe Campaign to unlock even more possibilities for our customers to do personalization at scale.”

“Unistore is the foundation for another wave of innovation in the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said Christian Kleinerman, Senior Vice President of Product, Snowflake. “Similar to how we redefined data lakes and data warehouses for our customers, Unistore is ushering in a renaissance of building and deploying a new generation of applications in the Data Cloud.”

Snowflake also announced the new Snowflake Native Applications FrameworkCybersecurity workloadData Programmability innovations, and more at Snowflake Summit 2022.

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