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Why you should always look to refurbish or repair your tech

Technology has become such a big part of our lives now that when things go wrong, we tend to simply upgrade to a newer version of whatever device or software we have. It has led to a culture where many things are no longer repaired as a matter of course.

However, there will be times when repairing your electronics can be better than just replacing them. Let us look at why you should consistently look to refurbish or repair your tech.


Is newer always better?

There is always a lot of hype around new products when they are released, this is because manufacturers want you to invest in newer technology instead of staying with what you have. The problem with this is that some people will get rid of their old tech when it is still working perfectly.

The same can apply in business when you see companies swap their equipment for new even though the existing technology might still be working well. As an example, arranging for Motorola barcode scanner repair instead of buying new scanners could save your company a lot of money in the long run.


Is time a factor when repairing technology?

Getting your technology repaired can sometimes take time depending on what needs to be fixed. Some people don’t get their technology repaired because they think it will take too long and they need to use the item.

However, if you set out to have spare items available in the event of one breaking, you won’t have to wait to have the old one repaired. Also, the turnaround time for companies to repair technology can be quick, so repair isn’t necessarily a long-consuming thing to do.


Refurbishing or repairing is better for the environment

If you are considering moving your company to a more sustainable footing, then there is an obvious way that you can start doing that. Instead of always buying new equipment and replacing the old tech, think about the environmental impact of throwing the old technology away.

Of course, there are companies that can recycle your old technology, but not all of it can be recycled at the moment, which means it could be sent to a landfill.

There are a number of companies that are now taking this stance and this ethos will continue to grow, so as a company, you should be thinking of how your business is impacting the world as a whole.


Refurbishing or repairing sends a good message

For your customers, there is a positive message to be sent when it comes to repairing or refurbishing your old technology. One of the things that many customers now take into consideration when choosing to buy from a business is its environmental stance.

You want to show your existing and potential customers that you care about the impact your business has on the environment. This shouldn’t just be a message but a change in the way your business operates.

By choosing to keep existing tech for longer and repairing instead of buying new, you will be showing your customers that you are aware of the environmental impact. It isn’t only how you deal with your technology that matters, but also how you approach packaging and your products.


Stick with what works

There is a reason why so many companies are still using Windows XP and other older operating systems. Although it may seem obsolete compared to the functionality of new software, there is also the consideration of moving to a newer system.

Older software has been through a lot of changes to remove bugs and update its security. This means less ongoing work for the IT team and less time offline for the company. The same could be said about the hardware technology you are using.

If you replace your old technology with new, not only could you run into teething problems that lead to downtime, but you will also need to train your existing staff to use the new technology.

Using your existing technology for longer will not only save your company money immediately but will also help keep productivity high. The same can be said about buying refurbished technology instead of new versions. You can buy the same make and model but refurbished so that it will eliminate the same problems.



There are several reasons why you should consider repairing or refurbishing your technology rather than buying new devices. For any company, but especially new start-ups, the emphasis is on creating a solid customer base and growing the company. If you can do this without buying new equipment, then you will be saving money and helping to ensure productivity remains high.