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SureCloud Becomes World’s First GRC Capability Company

SureCloud, a leading provider of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software and Cybersecurity services, today announced that it has become the world’s first GRC Capability Company, having recognized a gap in the market for delivering business outcomes in GRC and cybersecurity.

According to Gartner, 88% of Board members no longer view cybersecurity as an IT problem; they now view it as a business risk. This move has brought with it a shift in language – from technical and operational to business-related outcomes.

SureCloud’s Gartner-recognized GRC software and cyber and risk expertise have been brought together in one place to create Capabilities. These Capabilities help organizations achieve desired business outcomes faster and with more confidence.

Richard Hibbert, CEO at SureCloud, said: “At SureCloud, we believe that delivering successful business outcomes requires fully aligned software and expertise. Without these two elements working in harmony, you could be faced with poorly adopted software and isolated consulting engagements, exposing your organization to sub-optimal risk management processes and the risk of GRC and cybersecurity program failure.

“SureCloud is uniquely positioned to provide software and expertise so tightly integrated that customers can achieve their desired business outcomes through Capabilities using just the SureCloud Platform. Greater than the sum of its parts, our Capabilities offer powerful GRC software alongside the right level of consulting expertise to ensure your long-term success. With each Capability, you have the option to subscribe to higher levels of expertise, right through to fully Managed Services.”