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Open Source Advocate Alex Jones Joins Ondat Advisory Board

Alex Jones has been named to the advisory board of Ondat, the leading Kubernetes-native data platform provider. He serves as Kubernetes Engineering Director at Canonical and contributes to the CNCF TAG App Delivery as Tech Lead. He has invested more than a decade in engineering leadership roles at Microsoft, JPMorgan, American Express and British Sky Broadcasting. A frequent speaker, advisor and mentor, Alex is engaged in the cloud open source native technology community.

“Alex brings us an extraordinary combination of technical depth and market savvy,” said Alex Chircop, Founder and CEO of Ondat. “His experiences helping organizations at massive scale design, implement and manage storage architectures across the globe will benefit not only our product and technical planning processes, but it will help us better understand the mind of the enterprise buyers who more and more are reaching out to us to help solve their most challenging cloud native storage problems.”

“There is literally nothing more critical to your business than your data,” said Alex Jones. “Storage cannot be an afterthought. Developers need a storage solution that is not only easy to use, but provides resiliency, observability, redundancy, back up and security. These challenges are largely solved for traditional legacy environments, but there’s a significant technical gap when it comes to cloud native. Ondat is in a great position technically and from an architectural standpoint to address these new-era challenges in a way that does not tax developers with additional toil and yet another shift-left learning curve.

“Ondat delivers the value of an opinionated solution rather than a bucket of parts. It provides narrative, journey and guardrails for most any level of user, from a single developer with a WordPress site to a distributed team at a multinational corporation,” continued Jones. “I’m excited to be a part of helping drive that vision into the market.”

Jones joins recent additions to the advisory board Lisa-Marie Namphy and Cheryl Hung. Namphy is head of developer relations at Cockroach Lab and a CNCF Ambassador. She also is a longtime advocate of open source, leading the San Francisco Bay Cloud Native Containers Meetup—one of the world’s largest cloud native meetups globally. Hung is the former vice president ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation/Linux Foundation, who was named to the advisory board last October. For more, read Lisa-Marie Namphy’s blog post with her perspective on Bringing Developer Focus to the Ondat Advisory Board.

For more, read Alex Jones’ latest blog post on Setting a High Bar for Cloud Native Storage. Also, anyone interested can join Alex Jones, Ondat Founder and CEO Alex Chircop and fellow Ondat advisory board member Cheryl Hung for a Data on Kubernetes London Meetup on June 30.


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