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Leading travel risk intelligence company launches product powering safe and smart travel

Riskline’s new product, TravelPrep launches today at Business Travel Show Europe, will keep travellers informed and prepared at every stage of their trip

Travel risk intelligence company Riskline has, today, at the Business Travel Show Europe in London, announced the launch of a new product TravelPrep.  TravelPrep provides corporate travellers with a concise overview of security risks and recent and upcoming developments at their destination. Headquartered in Denmark, Riskline is one of the world’s leading travel risk insights companies leveraging AI and professional analysts to process more than 100,000 data sources providing accurate and timely travel risk assessments.

As geopolitical tensions exacerbate and climate change driven disasters increase, TravelPrep aims to keep corporate travellers briefed at all times on any potential risks that could interfere with their trip.  Riskline’s TravelPrep subscription provides important travel safety information directly to travellers’ inboxes before their trip. Travellers will receive pre-travel advisory emails two weeks and 48 hours before their departure and be informed through risk alerts of any developments in the countries they will be visiting. TravelPrep uses intelligence tools to generate comprehensive information that is then human-verified and passed on to travellers. 

Travelling for work, whether domestically or internationally, has become inherently risky. Individuals can be faced with a myriad of situations and environments that can increase the risk level of their trip. Road accidents, disease outbreaks, natural disasters, conflict and crime can threaten the safety, security, and health of travellers and affect the outcome of the overall trip. Despite this, a survey from the Global Business Travel Association found that 46 percent of British and American business travellers work for a company that has no clear travel security policies, with 22 percent having no idea who to contact in the event of an emergency abroad. This is in spite of the fact that The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of employees. This includes protecting staff when they are required to travel for work, throughout the UK and internationally. The new TravelPrep product will make it easier for businesses to monitor and ensure the safety of their employees when travelling for business.

Commenting on the launch of the TravelPrep product at the Business Travel Show Europe, Director of Partnerships and Strategic Relations at Riskline, Emanuele Scansani, said: 

“The team at Riskline is delighted to announce the launch of TravelPrep, our latest product offering that will empower travellers to travel both safer and smarter. In an ever-changing and precarious environment for travel, TravelPrep will ensure that individuals are briefed and equipped with the knowledge of any and all risks that could jeopardise the safety of their trip. This new subscription is aligned to our mission to keep travellers informed and updated, and to ensure they are prepared so they can have safe travel experiences.”