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Leveraging the power of the cloud, Managed File Transfer helps organisations modernise and deliver value in an always-on world

Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a leader in API-driven B2B integration and MFT software, is pleased to announce its newest release of Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT), available in both the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services Cloud.

As the demand and complexity of data transfers continue to grow in a post-covid world, companies need trusted solutions to mitigate the risks of cyber threats, legacy system obsolescence, and a shortage of human resources.

“Managing mission-critical dataflows requires a more modern approach,” says Meetesh Patel, General Manager of Managed File Transfer at Axway. “Many of the largest banks, retailers, and auto manufacturers in the world already rely on us to power their operations. With Axway MFT, businesses can control more data at scale with security, resiliency, and speed while empowering their business users and satisfying regulatory and governance requirements.”

Businesses are adapting to doing business in an always-on world, and time-trusted solutions like MFT are changing as well. Thanks to Axway’s hybrid solutions, organisations can modernise their legacy data exchange channels with their ecosystem while transitioning to the cloud.

The most complete solution in the industry, Axway MFT now boasts greatly improved data visualisation, self-service features, configuration, and user management. Some notable features include:

  • MFT in the Axway Managed Cloud is now available via subscription on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services marketplaces, offering greater control over costs.

  • MFT analytics capabilities can monitor SLAs, now also giving users predictive analysis of data flow issues before they become a problem.

  • MFT Flow Manager allows central management of self-service capabilities for business users, saving costs and avoiding complexity.

  • Security and interoperability improvements for MFT SecureTransport, and enhanced performance, security, and experience with MFT Transfer CFT.

Find more details on the newest Axway MFT features here.

“Whether it’s to support cloud migration needs or provide actionable intelligence with predictive analytics,” adds Patel, “MFT should be an integrated part of an organisation’s digital transformation.”

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