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Progress’s Latest Flowmon Release Pushes the Limits of Multi-Cloud Monitoring and Threat Detection

Progress (Nasdaq: PRGS), the trusted provider of infrastructure software, today announced the latest release of Progress® Flowmon®, a leading network visibility and security solution. In Flowmon 12 network solution, Progress has expanded its support for public cloud provider flow log monitoring to include native flow logs from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure and launched new powerful and advanced features for anomaly detection. With this release, organisations can now deploy applications and services to public cloud providers, decrease their monitoring costs and gain comprehensive visibility into their entire hybrid infrastructure from a single user interface.

The network is a foundational enabler for numerous, modern organisations. The increasing interconnectivity of systems, the bigger volumes of data and the migration to the cloud complicate IT infrastructure management and stifle smooth operation. Organisations are facing the challenge to secure a high level of monitoring and control in a hybrid environment, including both on-premise data centres and private and public clouds. However, traditional approaches to monitoring fail to solve this. 

“To build and operate an efficient and secure hybrid cloud environment, organisations need comprehensive visibility without swivel chair management and manual aggregation of data,” said Jason Dover, VP, Product Strategy, Enterprise Application Experience, Progress. “With the latest release of Flowmon network solution, Progress extends capabilities in this area by simplifying network visibility for customers who are expanding their footprint in the public cloud. Our ongoing focus on helping customers improve their cybersecurity posture is leading to additional innovations fueled by the combined use of advanced threat detection techniques.“

A comprehensive and consistent network observability via a single interface

Flowmon 12 offers comprehensive visibility into organisations’ entire hybrid cloud deployment from a single user interface, removing the need and the cost to maintain multiple tools. Organisations can monitor traffic from on premise, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or any combination thereof through the newly introduced support for native flow logs from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure and the enhanced support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) flow logs. They can also decrease their traffic mirroring costs, avoiding built-in cloud providers monitoring tools through deploying targeted Flowmon Probe virtual appliances for applications requiring deeper monitoring.

Early detection of network anomalies through new machine learning-based enhancements

To help organisations in their battle with threat actors, Progress has expanded its machine learning-powered library of threat detection methods to detect and identify malicious traffic malware infections much earlier in their lifecycle than was previously possible. Random Domain Detection leverages real-time detection, without the need of prior knowledge of the malicious domains. These new sets of capabilities prevent threat actors from successfully launching a variety of advanced, multi-technique, persistent and polymorphic attacks.

Faster and easier access to critical network monitoring information and reports

Reporting in the Flowmon anomaly detection system has also been enhanced to make it easier to surface and access relevant information via reports that are clearer and easier to read. The reports now allow users to drill down into the metrics and can now link directly to a relevant page to provide detailed information. The drill-down feature is located on the central dashboard to provide enhanced workflows and timely information directly from the management interface.

“Based on the nature of our business and reliance on our infrastructure to deliver customer value, we simply can’t afford issues that might impact security or performance,” said Pavel Charvat, Head of IT Security, Czech Statistical Office (CZSO). “Because of this, maintaining consistent and deep visibility is key to our IT operations.  Our security needs have been addressed by Flowmon for years, and after a short experience with the new version, I can confirm that we are happy with the direction this product is taking. With Flowmon 12, Progress has significantly improved anomaly detection accuracy and provided us with new options to granularly tune the detection.”

Flowmon 12 provides superior visibility in network environments of any type, leveraging existing network telemetry sources or using its purpose-built lightweight Flowmon Probes. It is the go-to tool to achieve a consistent level of network visibility into various environments via a single location.

Flowmon 12 is available today at