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As travel heats up, Berlin, New York City, and Dublin named as ‘sold out cities’ for summer

AltoVita, the multi award-winning company that powers the corporate accommodation sector with enterprise software layered with a human-centric approach, has revealed that Berlin (at 94% occupancy), New York City (89% occupancy), and Dublin (96% occupancy) are set to be ‘sold out cities’ this summer.

With demand high across the globe, Denver (93%), San Diego (93%) also ranked popular in the US, based on AltoVita’s data and research on corporate accommodation occupancy rates. Equally, Singapore (89%), Tokyo (89%), and Panama (89%) are current hotspots for business travellers.

This surge in certain areas follows the much-reported summer travel boom news of 2022.

Vivi Cahyadi Himmel, CEO and Co-Founder at AltoVita, commented: “With business travel back in full swing, it’s unsurprising that we’re now seeing huge demand in a range of cities across the world. It’s certainly an exciting and optimistic time for the travel sector. While many cities are ‘sold out’, we’re now finding creative solutions to work within markets which are seeing high occupancy rates, such as offering alternative accommodation types such as co-living for a short period, before moving into a short-term rental.”

Founded in 2018 by Vivi Cahyadi Himmel (CEO) and Karolina Saviova (COO) AltoVita’s fast-growing global footprint has already achieved award-winning status with services spanning over 1,200+ cities and 165 countries. With its main objective being to improve global mobility and make corporate relocation and business travel a comprehensive and stress-free process, the online platform offers trusted flexible housing expertise.

Vivi added: “The summer is always a popular time to travel and we’re seeing many business travellers taking families and pets with them, as part of an extended workation. Businesses should know that despite it being a little more challenging to travel to some of the world’s most popular destinations, AltoVita can make the process smoother, with different accommodation types across five continents to choose from, so that we can meet the needs of every employee and digital nomad this summer.”