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DoiT International Widens Access to Flexsave, a ML-Powered Approach to Public Cloud Cost Management

DoiT International (DoiT), a global multicloud software and managed service provider (MSP), today announced that its popular automated cost optimization product, Flexsave, is now available to companies without a full partner or MSP relationship with DoiT.

Flexsave uses machine learning to automatically maximize customer savings on cloud compute costs while eliminating intensive manual management. With this standalone access to Flexsave, customers of AWS or Google Cloud services can reduce risk and simplify the time-consuming, specialized process of public cloud compute management without needing to forecast and commit to use.

Through most public cloud providers, compute capacity volume discount plans are structured around usage commitments over 1- or 3-year terms. However, demand and actual usage are variable and difficult to predict across workloads, machine types, regions and other variables, meaning customers are often left over- or under-committed and continuously re-evaluating agreements and needs. Flexsave delivers the flexibility of on-demand compute capacity, priced at the 1-year discount rate, without the 1-year commitment. In 2021, customers using Flexsave realized an average 17% reduction in cloud compute costs and saved hundreds of hours of management time and effort.

“Committing to compute usage is the basic building block for cloud cost reduction. However, finding the balance between flexibility of capacity and a commitment that locks you in takes time and expertise to plan, and mistakes can be costly,” said Ariel Pisetzky, VP of Information Technology & Cyber for Taboola, a discovery and native advertising platform and DoiT customer. “Since using Flexsave, we’ve received the savings you typically get with annual commitments — without actually purchasing any! We have all the flexibility we need with none of the lock-in risk, and no longer having to anticipate, manage and monitor commitments means a much shorter and easier planning cycle for me and my team.”

The first standalone product offering from DoiT, Flexsave upholds the company’s customer-focused commitment to delivering on the original promise of the cloud. Available for both AWS and Google Cloud, Flexsave transforms the customer experience with:

●        No risk or compute commitments required, enabling compute savings without locking into a long-term contract.

●        Zero additional costs, guaranteeing savings on all covered workloads.

●        Autonomous functionality, eliminating the need to manually provision, track and manage a commitment portfolio.

“We have supported customers across the major cloud platforms for more than a decade and have seen a number of unique and universal challenges,” said DoiT CEO Yoav Toussia-Cohen. “Time and again, we see customers struggle with commitments and constant rescaling. Flexsave by DoiT solves both of those with an easy-to-integrate product.”

DoiT is a leading provider of multicloud expertise and proprietary cloud optimization and governance software. For more information on Flexsave, contact